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Ever wanted to buy a sex toy but worried if it will send you into that explosive orgasm or not? Here at Jessica’s Rabbit, we review the latest toys to give you the best honest feedback before making your purchase. We review everything from vibrators to butt plugs to bondage gear in order to provide an overall expectation of the current sex toys in todays market.

If you already have your toys at the ready but need a little something to get you going, then Jessica’s Rabbit also provides unique erotic stories to help you get in the mood. Make sure your batteries are charged for the various genres of erotica available on our website!

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Jessica’s Latest Posts

The Leather Lab

“The actual product was just as I had imagined, a lovely soft pink Italian leather with the dainty white lace around the edges and a boarder of brass rivets to secure everything in place. The style reminded me of a Victorian-esque kind of style with the lace around the collar, the whole set makes me feel so cute and secure at the same time.” Read more…


Room 101, NSFW Story – Part 1

“This had been their weekly meeting point for some time now, Tuesday night, Room 101, 10pm sharp. The windows were small, the facilities poor, the bed was uncomfortable – however it was soundproofed and out of town. That’s the only thing that mattered for their nights activities. Her heels clicked against the floor as she meandered her way past the end of the bed and over to her suitcase, his eyes followed her of course. Bending over slightly gave him a wonderful view of her curves through her black lingerie.” Read more..



Doxy Wand Massager from Foxy Fun Toys

“Because it does plug into the mains, the Doxy Massager packs a powerful punch! Having the endless supply of energy feeding it means there is no waivering on power, there is a constant and endless stream of sweet vibrations. Where there is power .. there is also a racket! The doxy is not a quiet vibrator,” Read more..



E-STIM Systems intro2electro, for her

“With other toys, you have the generic vibration feel, or the in-and-out of dildos or what have you, but with electro play it makes your muscles contract involuntarily. You know just as you’re about to orgasm and you can feel all your muscles start to tense? This is the sensation that E-Stim has created, constantly feeling on the edge of an orgasm, perfect tool to tease either yourself or a partner. When you finally do reach orgasm point, it is the strongest and hardest one I have had so far.” Read more..




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