Sex Ed 101

It disgusts me how I went into 3 different library’s looking for books on Sex Ed and found nothing. All there was were books on pregnancy, and biology books with half a chapter on the scientific aspect of puberty. 
I even asked the workers and they had nothing – its disgraceful how children, and even adults who want to learn about their own bodies cannot find decent book that gives them correct information. They will have to search online – which sure there are many sites which give good information, but not necessarily the RIGHT information, or all the same facts for that matter.
I have been toying with the idea of becoming a Sex Ed teacher for a while now and I think this has definitely made me think more into me. Children these days need to know the information – not just about their bodies but about sex, relationships and hormones. I can tell you, if I knew what I do now when I was 15, my teenage years would have gone much smoother!! 
So this blog is dedicated to providing up to date, REAL information on all this sex, advice, health, hormones and relationships. Please feel free to email me with any personal questions or advice needed. ( 
Welcome, and I hope this blog is helpful to you 🙂 

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