Do we need Sexier Male Sex Toys? [#6 of 100 Days of Sex]

Do we need sexier Male Sex Toys?

This point had arisen in a conversation I was having with some guys the other week and it got me thinking, do we need sexier male sex toys? The number of males who own sex toys is drastically lower than that of females, whether that is because they don’t need/want them as much, or if they still aren’t aware that there ARE male sex toys now – and lots of them! – I wasn’t sure so I have conducted a little questionnaire that I sent to 25 males and 25 females regarding some of the more well-known sex toys/masturbators. Here are my results;

-Do you own a sex toy?
-Have you used a sex toy with a partner?
-If yes, which one (s)? Dildo, Cock Ring, Butt Plug, Vibrator, Other
-Were you aware of the variety of male sex toys that are available?

Below is the results:

Male Female
Yes No Yes No
Question 1 7 18 21 4
Question 2 13 12 17 8
Question 3 a 2 3
  b 7 7
  c 1 2
  d 3 4
  e 1
Question 4 14 11 23 2

I showed them 5 toys and asked if they would purchase them. This question was altered slightly for the females – to read; would you mind your partner buying/using the following toys/masturbators.

  1.    36727-01

The answers below are those that answered YES out of the 25 males, and 25 females. 

Male Female
Yes Yes
Picture 1 7 8
Picture 2 1 2
Picture 3 4 5
Picture 4 3 1
Picture 5 16 18

I then asked if they would agree that these 5 specific sex toys are too over powering and if they are intimidated by the toys or feel they would be uncomfortable bringing them into the bedroom or telling others about them.

Male Female
Agree 17 12
Disagree 6 8
Indifferent 2 5

It didn’t really surprise me to find out that only about 1/3 of the males in the questionnaire owned a sex toy, with just over half knowing there are such a variety on sale today. I must admit that when I have looked on websites for sex toys, they are mainly targeted towards the female population – whether that is because more women than men own sex toy generally and therefore buy more or because it’s thought as a feminine product, overall? Many companies you will see are white/black with pink logos or writing, Ann Summers, Lovehoney, Bondara – some of the bigger names in this industry, they are definitely targeted towards the female population. I think that maybe if we had more retailers who targeted the males, then perhaps more would be buying them? I have introduced many of the past partners into sex toys, because I love them, and use them regularly I enquire if they would use them together etc. and that is how they find out about these sites and the products available. Do you remember how you found out? I first found out on a shopping trip and we wandered into Ann Summers shop, thinking it was just lingerie .. until we found the back of the shop!! And then us girls chat and recommended to each other – do guys not do that? Do they not talk about the latest Fleshlight they purchased? Or the new vibrating cock ring they used on their partner? If they did then I would imagine more men would be going out and buying them! I will be looking into this further into the #100daysofsex

For the purpose of this experiment I did choose some of the toys that I found to be most unpleasing to the eye, that is not to say that ALL male toys are like this, and in fact many are very pleasing and I especially found the Rocks Off range to be sexy. Overall, there are a few improvements to be made, or perhaps to get rid of these specific designs in the future. Now I’m not saying I know what the next great male or couple sex toy is but I feel one could be thought of in the future. To come into the bedroom with a sleeve that resembles some deep sea fish or an alien sitting on top of your cock is going to make your partner burst out laughing rather than swoon at your feet, which has happened to me on more than one occasion! Having an odd sex toy whether it be male or female, can change the mood of the situation entirely and although sex should be fun and lighthearted, I don’t think it should be funny.

Do you agree? Leave your comments below!





Sources Lovehoney, Bondara, LoversBoutique, Fleshlight, Ann Summers,

3 thoughts on “Do we need Sexier Male Sex Toys? [#6 of 100 Days of Sex]

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  2. You’ve picked the worst possible examples here! 🙂

    Male toys from Lelo, Tenga, Fun Factory etc are all silicone and well-designed.


    1. I know, I did say that in the post. I have picked these as examples from some of the more well-known websites that people buy from for their first toys.
      I searched males sex toys and these came up in results! I also did say there are plenty toys out there that ARE sexy and well designed.


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