Girl on the Net – Book Review [#7 of 100 Days of Sex]

Girl on the Net
Book Review


I purchased this book from Google Books on my phone earlier this year and was exciting to start reading it. Having been a fan of her blog for some time, I knew that reading her sexual memoirs in book form would be a fantastic read.

The book is exactly what it says on the tin, it is a completely honest story of her sexual history and you can definitely feel it as your reading. Starting at the beginning with her 13 years old self masturbating, she talks about all aspects of her perverted-ness from such a young age, going into graphic detail at some points, travelling along her timeline through her first times, first loves and first heartbreaks.

It is hard to write a book review without spoiling certain parts so for now I shall just say that the book made me laugh, made me turned on, made me squeamish but also made me read with a heavy heart at other points. For me, I was very surprised at how much sexual activity one person can have at (what I’m assuming) is a young age and as I read on, I had a twang of jealousy. The tales she was recalling were fabulous and has definitely given me some ideas for the future whether it be to try a new fetish bar, going to a Japanese sex house or to have a 3 way relationship. The book itself is extremely well-written and many pages I have bookmarked for the detailed sex scenes.. for private use of course (!) Girl on the Net is a very talented writer and at times she may write about some crude things but she still writes it in a fascinating way that just flows brilliantly throughout the book.

Although many of her encounters did not work out, they each taught her something about herself, her body and the people she had met. I’d like to think that we’ve grow with her through the book, advancing with her from her teens to her twenties the more you read the more you feel like you get to know her. Starting with an adolescent girl who is getting sex where ever she can, cheating on partners and not thinking twice, somewhere along the line she morphs into the women she is today, still wanting and needing sex whenever she can but with perhaps a clearer and more thoughtful mind because of the experiences she has had in the past. It seems her book ends on a high-note but you can never tell and, I quote from the book “The next significant chapter might consist of my loved ones upping sticks and fucking off” Which is very true, for everyone. No one knows what the future may hold – but I hope I get to read Girl on the Net’s if she ever were to do a sequel later down the line.

This isn’t a sex book, this is a story of a young girls journey of her sexual partners, it isn’t always funny, and it isn’t always sexy. It shows her truth in harsh colours, and THAT is why this book is a must-read.

Thank you to Girl on the Net for writing such a thrilling and innovative tale of her sexual memoirs, there was certainly never a dull moment! It takes a strong woman to be able to lay your past on the line for all to see and I respect you for that.

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