Sexhibition UK [#8 of 100 Days of Sex]

Sexhibition UK 2015


I will make this a quick post as most of you who will read it were probably there! I could only go to the Saturday daytime event of Sexhibition this year. After a 4 hour journey up to Manchester, we arrived at Event City, near the Trafford Centre. Event City itself was well sign posted but there wasn’t any signs saying ‘Sexhibition‘ whether this was due to bad advertising or they just weren’t allowed, I dont know. You definitely knew you were in the right place though, with people wearing latex suits and body stockings with not much else on – not everyday you see a hoards of people in this getup! (Well maybe you do in Manchester.. I had never been there before :P) Parking on the day was free – result! – and very close to the venue.

Stepping inside Event City, there was a lovely British orderly queue formed for your tickets to be collected. A quick stamp later and you’re in! Just before you go in, there were bathrooms with people going in wearing jeans and a t-shirt then 10 minutes later walking out in a leather corset, suspenders and 6 inch heels! With the free cloakroom available, it was perfect for those who wanted a more discreet bus journey to and from the venue.

Inside the main hall were all the companies stands, arranged in a good layout so that an easy route to see everything can be acheived. Seperate rooms were closed off for now, not opening until later that evening, including the dungeon and pole dancing rooms. Over in one corner was the ‘XXX’ room which held the porn industry and stars, some of whom were giving lap dances to unsuspecting – but extremely willing may I add – audience members.

The Sexhibition stage was magnificent, the design team did very well! Giving off the perfect vibe for the day, very showbiz, classy and eye-catching. On the main stage were several shows throughout the day, including many designers showing off their latest collections along with masterclasses on how to deal with rope and BDSM. I personally didn’t watch too much of the shows as I was busy walking around the event and chatting to companies and friends.


Apprently a mini – heatwave had developed outside on the Saturday, reaching temperatures of 30 degrees, which made the inside of the venue sweltering hot! Having black ceiling and walls meant the heat just got absorbed into the room. Everyone who I spoke to mentioned the whether and how hot they were! Perhaps some air conditioning may be a good idea for next year? ūüėČ

The facilities at Sexhibition were OK. The drinks bar in the middle was averaged price and I was expecting it to be pricier anyway, could have done with being bigger in my opinion but I did enjoy the aptly named cocktails including ‘The Whiplr‘ The food available on the other hand was dismal. In the end we went across the road to the Trafford Centre to get some sandwiches from a Cafe, as paying ¬£3.80 for a tiny sandwich seemed ridiculous. We did contemplate the platter to share between us (at ¬£9.95 a platter) but after witnessing the size of it, we decided it wouldn’t be enough to fill one of us! Better food options next year please! It was OK for us to walk across the road to the child infested shopping centre but I am not sure everyone at the event would be as comfortable doing so without having to change first..

The stands for exhibitors were as you would expect, many of the stands made a huge effort with their displays, creating a magical place to be able to sell their products, others – I’m sad to say – did not quite make the same effort and didn’t look as appealing. With something exciting or new to look at in every direction even toward the end of the day I was finding new stalls I had missed or different products I hadn’t spotted previously.

Companies¬†with cameras interviewing different people were hovering around the event all day, so if you aren’t one for wanting to be in the background of the shots I suggest you keep an eye out for these! Although as Kinkcraft mentioned, it would be a good idea to have different coloured lanyards so, say if you were wearing a pink one, you did not want to be photographed. It would help those who would like to keep an anonymous profile.

I wish I could have stayed for the After Dark part of the weekend but unfortunately I had to head back down south that same day. (You can read that journey here…) Next year I will definitely be getting a weekend pass and hotel to be able to join in all the antics that I have been hearing so much about!


I would like to name a few companies who I had the pleasure of finally meeting in person after much twitter chat beforehand;

House of Passion
Love your Balls
Jakara Rope
Spanking UK
The Love Arc
Misfortune of Virtue
Juju jezebel
That’s the Spot
(If there is anyone I missed, I’m very sorry! So many to remember!)

Finally, a massive thank you to all the crew involved in Sexhibition UK, you had made a perfect weekend for all us kinksters to meet in one place. With perhaps just a few creases to iron out for the years to come, I would say that the first Sexhibition was a roaring success! I thoroughly enjoyed my experience this year and I will expect bigger, bolder and more daring things year after year to be able to top the previous one!

Hats off to you!




2 thoughts on “Sexhibition UK [#8 of 100 Days of Sex]

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  2. It was a great time, but yeah there were a lot of people doing filming etc and it would have been nice to give people a chance to make it clear they didn’t want to be shown. The stage was stunning, simple and elegant.


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