Tantric Massage [#11 of 100 Days of Sex]

How to Give a Tantric Massage

Me and my partner quite often give each other tantric massages, perhaps two or three times a month. Now for those of you who don’t know what the difference between a normal and tantric massage are, let me explain.

As I’m sure many of you know, a ‘standard’ massage involves a – normally – somewhat skilled person to get that crook out of your neck, or to loosen that tense muscle in your shoulder. Of course there are those people who get massages to relax and unwind as well but for the majority of people it is a one off experience with no other reason than to feel relaxed and slightly de-stressed. What makes a tantric massage so special is that it is more sensual and arousal is normally the outcome. Tantric – or erotic – massages have been around for hundreds of years to heighten their senses and still to this day you can go to certain massage businesses which offer a type of sensual or tantric massage with some places even offering a ‘happy ending’ for an extra fee. For me and my partner we do it ourselves as it gives us more intimacy in our relationship. Tantric massages are also being used for sexual therapy, helping people to stimulate their low libidos and with male ejaculation problems along with other sexual abnormalties.

I believe there are 3 things you need to complete the perfect massage

1) Massage oils of some sort – especially great if they have a nice smell. We normally stick to vanilla as it isn’t too overpowering.

2) Relaxing music – something like a rain storm, jungle sounds or a soothing instrument are all great. You can find plenty on youtube which can go from 10 mins to 3 hours long! Depending on how long you want your massage to last.

3) A comfy area to work – we normally prefer the bed with a towel or blanket underneath so as not to get oils in the sheets.

So you have the ingrediants, now time to put them all together! Ideally you want your partner to be completely naked as it adds to the experience and will come in useful later. Making sure the room temperature is comfortable, they will be lying on their back, eyes closed and arms by their sides. The music playing softly in the background and the lights dim or off you can begin!

Warm the oil in your hand first and then starting on their shoulders working over the torso and legs, move your hands around to get them nice and oily. I like to start of quite firm in the massage, staying only on the torso and shoulders at first, relax those muscles and get them into ‘the zone’ keeping the movements methodical and equal on bith sides of them. Move to the legs and arms and repeat, changing every so often from strokes to circles and back again. After a few minutes they should begin to be relaxing. Going back up to the chest, move onto their neck (if they are comfortable with this) and do long strokes down their neck and onto the chest, pressing firmly but gentler than you were on the arms and legs – so as not to hurt or strangle them! – onto the breast area, massage the tissues and tease the nipples, suitable whether male or female. Erect the nipples and circle them with your oily finger tips, being gentle with your touch which should cause them to get a lovely sensation similar to goosebumps.

Keep moving down the body, towards the groin area, but don’t touch any naughty bits yet! Bypass the area and continue on the legs, massaging the thighs and into the groin area, getting ever so close but not touching. This should start them to get aroused and their mind will be wandering. When you feel you have teased them enough, or you feel the moment is right, you can start to stray further into their nether regions.

I’ll first start with the male version;
With a flat hand, place it on his public bone and firmly stroke down, over his penis and balls, repeat with both hands and this should get him nice and hard (if he wasn’t already) Once he is hard, grip the base of the penis in one hand, then with the other do long strokes up his penis, don’t move it back down though, just stroke up, let go, grip the base again and repeat – you are not going to be doing the standard ‘wank’. Let go of the penis completly and go back to stroking down his pubic bone, if you are feeling extra teasing, leave the area and go back to massaging his torso or legs and come back to his penis occassionally. Cupping his balls, roll them between your fingers, being nice and light to the touch, massaging in the grooves of his thighs and up his pubic bone, then back down onto the penis. Repeat however many times you like. Going back to the penis stroke up continually one hand after the other, only stroking upwards and with a slight twist, gradually getting faster then slowing back down. Using a thumb, massage the tip of his penis and around the head – use extra lube/oil at this point if needed. The other hand can be back on his balls massaging them. You can mix these steps together at this point or create some new ones until he will eventually orgasm. The point of this is to bring a slow orgasm and to keep a steady pace, you shouldn’t need to speed up to ‘wanking speed’ for this to work. Mix the firmness and speed levels toegther (but as said before, not too fast) for a mixture of sensations and read your partners movements to gage an idea of what they like. You can drag this out for as long as you want too by slowing it down and going to a lighter touch or teasing them with stopping every so often and moving to a different area of the body. When they do eventually orgasm, they should experience waves of sensations and even after they have come don’t stop, slow down and keep massaging the tip of the penis with your thumb, moving back to the balls when they become too sensitive, then the legs, torso, arms, etc until you sense a good place the stop the massage.

For a female
Starting off the same, long strokes down the pubic bone and over the vagina lips and massaging in the grooves of her thighs and hips. With your fingers in her pubic bone, move your thumbs firmly over her outer lips just in a downwards motion, removing them off of her, and starting again from the top, gradually getting closer inwards towards her clit and vagina opening. Same as with the male version, you can tease her at this point and start massaging a different area of her body, coming back to the vagina every so often – it’s your call! With a firm thumb, move it over their clit in a downward motion only, changing to circle it every so often. The other hand can be massaging the outer lips still or anywhere you feel comfortable. This should get her nice and wet after a few minutes. Still with a thumb on her clit, insert a finger into her vagina and press firmly on the top where her g-spot is located (it will feel rougher than the rest of her, about an inch or or so in) once found, use the same firm, long strokes in one direction only (preferably towards you with a ‘come hither’ motion with your finger) The mix of these two motions, staying nice and slow, steady and firm should be a very nice feeling – again read your partners reactions and judge accordingly. Change motions every so often, from circling the clit to rubbing downward, changing the firmess and speed slightly, and feel free to insert more fingers if neseccary to create the desired fullness. I personally prefer two fingers, but for g-spot stimulation one is perfectly adoquete. Continue doing this, teasing if appropriate, until she climaxes. Once she has you will hopefully be able to feel the muscles contract inside of her, keep going with the inside motion until you feel these stop, with the clit – if they’re anything like me and get too senstivite – don’t remove your thumb just place it firmly on her clit, this will help keep the orgasm going for that little bit longer. Once the waves are over, go back to massaging the lips firmly and circling the clit with a light touch, around the pubic area then onto the legs, chest, arms etc. Until you feel a suitable time has come to stop.

If you are feeling adventurous and wish to involve the anus for either male or female partners then go for it! With a finger (fully lubed) circle the anus and massage the skin around it, start to slowly insert it whilst also either playing with the penis or clit. Once inserted a comfortable amount, you can either leave it there – moving the tip of your finger occassionally to add sensations, move it in and out very slowly whilst also continuing with massaging other areas, or you can find the p-spot for the males which is approximately an inch inside the anus on the top wall (if they are laying on their back) and do the same ‘come hither’ motion with your finger to arouse it. Nice and slowly!

I hope this has helped some of you, and has given you some ideas of how to execute a stimulating tantric massage for your partner. Overall, a massage like this will last about 20-30 minutes or so, but you can adjust it to your and your partners liking. The goal of a tanric massage isn’t actually to orgasm, but to give you that euphoric feeling just before you come for a longer time frame, because of this performing a tantric massage has given us some of the most powerful and prolonged orgasms we have ever had, as the build up is very intense and very slow that when it does finally come it is such a relief and is the best stress reliever!

Have a go yourself and let me know how it goes!!



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