Leten Bodywand [#12 of 100 Days of Sex]

Kinky Desires
Review of The Leten Bodywand
I had the pleasure of being sent a Leten Bodywand for review by the lovely people at Kinky Desire. Find them on Twitter @KinkyDesires_UK
The package arrived within a day of them sending it out to me in a discreet box as usual. The packaging to the actual wand was very nice and secure, with a picture of the Leten on the front and the same passage as the description on the website on the back. Standard packaging really!
Upon first viewing the bodywand I was pleasantly surprised at how small it was. Measuring at just 20cms it is a perfect size to take on holiday with you! It came with a USB adapter for charging but was glad to find out is does already come charged. The USB cord is very small though so you won’t be able to charge it up and play at the same time! Unless you wouldn’t to sit/stand by a plug socket.. There is a rubber cover at the bottom of the wand which is where the charge slots into, but the bit of rubber can come completely out so be careful not to loose it. The wand flashes red whilst it is charging so you know that it is working which is very helpful.
It doesn’t come with instructions but it’s all pretty self-explanatory. You have 5 buttons, one for power, two buttons for + and – vibration strengths (7 to choose from) and two buttons to control the pulses (again 7 to choose from).
The Leten Bodywand looks very sleek, in a slight curved design and lovely purple colour (or pink or blue!) is discreet and doesn’t necessarily look like a sex toy! Result! The curve in the wand fitted perfectly into my hand and was comfortable to hold in position. 
It does say on the website that this is silent.. but I have to admit that it is far from it. In fact the Leten is probably one of the loudest vibrators I have but what’s weird is that it gets louder once you turn it upside down, making much more of a rattling sound. When you grip the wand really tight quietens down, perhaps it’s just the sounds of the mechanism inside which makes it louder, but if you are expecting a silent vibration – don’t go for this wand! 
Saying that though, the vibrations were very strong, I only needed it on the second or third setting, out of 7, otherwise it was too strong! I enjoyed the pulsations, you have the ‘normal’ pulses which most other vibes use but there were also a few which seemed a random sequence which was a nice change! The buttons on the wand were a little difficult to maneuver around during play, which meant a few times I turned the bloody thing off instead of increasing the vibrations which, as you can imagine, is frustrating. In my opinion, I would have like the buttons to be toward to middle of the wand and perhaps the on/off switch on the other side! It did get easier with practice but it’s a shame that it is a little fiddly. 
The website does say “Leten vibrating baton feature touch sensors that allow vibration strength to build as soon as the wand tip comes into contact with the body – working intuitively with your body and your needs.” But I didn’t notice a big difference in the speeds. The only thing I noticed is when I turned it upside down and placed it on my shoulder is sped up considerably. I wouldn’t count on this part as the sole selling point – as like I said I didn’t even notice until I re-read the packaging… 
I am not a fan of vibrating massages on my body so cannot say much about that but can imagine it would be very good with a little bit of massage oil on the skin and rolling the tip over the areas in need. On the intimate regions though it is fabulous, it took me quite a while to ‘get there’ with the body wand, as I was experimenting with different pulses and strengths of vibrations and more often than not I needed to use a dildo or fingers along with the body wand but once I did, it was fantastic. It is also very easy to clean and being waterproof means you can clean is thoroughly.
Battery life: I have used is 2 or 3 times a week for about 3 weeks and so far haven’t needed to charge it.
Overall, I really like the Leten Bodywand. I was impressed by the power of such a small wand and the battery life that it holds but I was disappointed on how loud and fiddly is it. It will be one that makes the shortlist to taking with me on my travels, but perhaps won’t be using it if the walls are thin!
If you want to go get yourself a Leten Bodywand, head over the Kinky Desires website here.


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