A Touch of Glass Review [#14 of 100 Days of Sex]

A Touch of Glass

erotic glass




I have kept up my original review below,
although it wasn’t ever a brilliant one to begin with!



I was kindly given this glass dildo to review by the team at A Touch of Glass, the actual one I had my eye on was BLUE MOON but due to low stock levels I was sent my second choice of CHERRY DELIGHT.

The package arrived in a discreet box, and the actual dildo itself in a velour pouch, which I thought was a great touch and handy to store it in to keep it from getting dusty! Along with it, was a small sample of water based lube, (you can use any lube on a glass dildo, it won’t affect it at all) again a great touch to the excellent service they have provided.

The dildo is magnificent to look at, you can tell such craftsmanship has gone in to the making of this glass beauty, with its smooth edges and highly pigmented designs, it really is a piece of art. I think that glass is an underrated material for sex toys, as it is hypoallergenic, super easy to clean and very hard wearing I am surprised it has taken so long for people to start using glass in this way. A Touch of Glass offers a life time guarantee with all their products and I have been informed that as long as the products are made well, they will not break or damage – but if they were, they would not shatter but instead just break in to large pieces. They may occasionally chip with extreme wear and tear, if for instance you were to drop it out a window or other such extreme activities.. but again this is all covered in the warranty and they will replace it with the same item for free! Result!



I loved the smoothness of the CHERRY DELIGHT, with a large bulb at the tip, and the waves and dots of red coloured glass circling around the middle, the shaft curving ever so slightly that I didn’t even notice until further inspection, it certainly looked the part that would give such great sensations. All lubed up and I was ready to go, one of the first things I noticed about the feel of the dildo was the coldness, this offers a great sensation to the warm areas of the body which I haven’t experienced with a dildo before. It slipped in very well.. a little too well for my liking though. I prefer to feel ‘stretched’ when masturbating and this particular dildo didn’t offer that for me. So if I were to give some advice in this area, it would be to make thicker ones for those looking to feel fuller as the largest ones I could see on their website was 1.25 inches in circumference- the CHERRY DELIGHT being 1 inch. Because of this, I have to say I didn’t feel much of the ridges on the shaft that I thought I might have, the glass did feel exquisite but perhaps wasn’t what I was hoping it would be.

The bulb at the end did manage to hit the g-spot when positioned in a certain way, which felt pretty amazing. I also turned it around using the handle instead which felt much better for me, as it is slightly wider and gave me a better sensation. I also found that laying on my side was the best position to be able to feel all the details and moving it slowly was the best way for these to come into full effect. This is a great way to slowly build to an orgasm as all the ridges and patterns stimulate the areas differently.

Perhaps glass dildos are not the way forward for me, personally, as I also couldn’t help but think how hard it was – yes, I know it is glass and I wasn’t expecting it to be soft at all – but during my sessions, I was missing the soft touch of my silicone friends, if you move the glass suddenly it jolts about instead of flexing and moving with your body which made me feel I had to be precise and careful with the movements. I don’t want to have to worry while masturbating .. that’s the exact opposite reason of why I am masturbating! Now, this is nothing on the glass dildos themselves, the company provide a wonderful customer service, delivery and warranty and they produce wonderful designs suited for many; different shapes, colours, dots, swirls, lengths and so on. Price wise I think they are very fair – as long as the glass is long wearing, you will have this dildo for life if treated with care. Maybe I just need to try different shaped designs to find my ‘perfect’ glass dildo, as these toys are very personal I find, and maybe the CHERRY DELIGHT was not the one for me.

I’m afraid I will stick to my softer dildos if I want to use just a dildo get me off, and perhaps keep this glass dildo as a ornament..






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