Kinkcraft [#15 of 100 Days of Sex]

Kink Craft

I was lucky enough to finally meet the team from Kinkcraft at Sexhibition earlier this year, they were one of the first companies on my list of who I wanted to chat to on the day, especially as they were hosting a ‘How to Make a Flogger’ at their stand! Every time I walked past their stand it was packed with people crowding around waiting for their turn to make one, with several colours to choose from and an area to work in, it was a roaring success, I heard that by the end of the weekend they had made over 100 free floggers!

Unfortunately, due to the success of Kinkcraft, I was unable to make a flogger on the day as I was only there for the Saturday and plenty of people to chat to, I was unable to wait in the 20-30 minute queue that had started forming! Instead they were kind enough to let me take the bits home with me to do in my own time. I did manage to have a lovely chat with Andrew about their company, my blog and general chit chat!


Now, I won’t go into detail about how to make one of these awesome floggers as I am hoping most of you have already made one, get a kit yourself of off their website or will be making them at future events. There will also be a video produced by Kinkcraft themselves that will be able to show you exactly how to make them. I don’t want to give off false information! As I am sure everyone will do it slightly differently anyway depending on how they are comfortable.

So as you can see I opted for the purple and black colours for my flogger – if they would have had a pink and white option though, I would have been all over that! – you could of had purple, green, blue or double black, but as said by the instructors, it is better and easier if you have a colour so you can see the different cords clearly.


It took me approximately 20 minutes to make the flogger in total, I followed a tutorial sent by Pixie at Kinkcraft as they kindly made a quick video for me to watch. I was surprised at how easy it was to do, and once you get into a steady rhythm it’ll be over before you know it!

The aftermath of my flogger making.. I was told after by Andrew at Kinkcraft that the little white ends cause a great sting and I should have left them on! So when I make my next one at SMUT (hopefully) or if not Sexpo – I will be leaving those on to have a different level of flogger stings!


Now, I was a little naughty in my making of the flogger, as I asked at Sexhibition whether or not you can use bondage tape instead of electrical tape for the handle.. and I was told ‘no’ as it isn’t strong enough, but I used it anyway. Only because I was impatient and wanted to get it made instead of waiting to go to town… and buy electrical tape.. So I do apologise Kinkcraft. It does work fine with bondage tape though, and it is a good supplement if you are impatient like I am, the only problem is during the flogging session the handle will bend slightly instead of staying rigid, so it isn’t as strong as electrical tape and I should have listened to them. I promise I will follow all the instructions properly next time!

And here is my finished flogger! It was a brilliant experience and I am so glad there is a company out there who teaches how to make their own bondage gear. At Sexpo in November they will be showing customers how to create a different pattern on the handle for floggers. Follow this link to see other kits that they have available on their website. I have my eyes on creating a pair of cuffs next to match my lovely new handmade flogger! And don’t worry – you don’t need to be particular creative to make a flogger, it reminded me of making friendship bracelets when I was younger, but instead of giving to your friends to wear.. you smack people on the bottom with it and cause a little pain!

I would definitely recommend heading to the Kinkcraft stand at any erotic event you may be going to that they are exhibiting, as looking at everyone’s concentration faces and chatting to a few people after, everyone enjoyed their experience – it is something different that I haven’t seen being offered before. And you get a free flogger at the end of it! Win Win! 





3 thoughts on “Kinkcraft [#15 of 100 Days of Sex]

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  2. Oh you are naughty, I did specifically so no you couldn’t use bondage tape. Tut Tut. No wonder you need a flogger lol. Glad you had fun with it, and thank you for the writeup. I think we will have pink at SMUT, maybe even pink and white.


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