London Alternative Market [#17 of 100 Days of Sex]


I had never been to L.A.M before so was excited to see what it was all about. I had aimed to arrive around half past 3 in the after (although the event started at 12pm) It was very easy to find the location , Revolution Bar, with just a 5 minute walk from London Liverpool Street Station. Upon arrival I paid my £10 (for entry to the day event and after party) and received a paper wristband. A bar was along one side of the room with stalls scattered across the other. I was a little surprised at how it was laid out and seemed to be sporadic. Walking downstairs and following signs which read ‘More Stalls’ I did indeed find more on the basement level, again they were set out randomly with only perhaps 4 stands on this level, along with the cloakroom, workshop room and toilets. Going down another level to the sub-basement was where the main action seemed to be, with most of the stalls crammed into the rooms.

The first stand I headed for was Nippleicious, as I had previously spoken to them via twitter. I had a lovely long chat with them both regarding their business, products and background – they really are a fantastic couple but will talk more about them during their review I will be doing later on. I was standing with them for approximately half and hour, and during that time there were only a few moments of quite for them! It was great to see how busy they were selling and promoting their nipple jewellery. They have so many designs to choose from, different colours, texture and sizes, many of them being interchangeable which is great news.

The next stand I headed towards was Subspace Leathers and yes – the rumours are true, they really do have the best smelling stand around! They too, were very busy but had a few moments to chat to me as we had previously talked via Twitter. Subspace Leathers had their brand new Baby Range with them which comes in beautiful pastel colours and can also be customised, so if  you wish to have a name or specific word embroidered into the leather – they will do that for you! They also had these cute gags, but instead of a ball or ring, it was a dummy! Perfect for the baby fetishes but also for those who – like me – struggle with the size of ball gags and being uncomfortable, these are a great substitute. You can also customise the colours of the leathers and many designs are also limited due now to low stock of the particular leathers, so make sure to have a look on their website!

I also had a chat with Norman at as I didn’t get a chance to at Sexhibition UK, and although their stand was busy, I had a bit more time to be able to talk properly. They were very welcoming and I managed to have a look at the beautiful products they sell!

Whilst stopping for a cigarette, I was approached by a lovely Lady in need of filters! I came to her rescue and we began chatting, I found out she was exhibiting at Lady Allura’s Latex. She was wearing one of her pieces in a gorgeous 1950’s style dress, I surprised when she told me it was latex, as it certainly doesn’t look it! Being infused with lace, it holds great texture and something completely different – but again will talk more about these products during the review later. I will hopefully be having a custom made piece for Sexpo this year – so keep an eye out for that! Many of her products are customisable; different colours, sizes, materials etc.

Stopping by Trussed UK also, to have a look at their candles, I had a demonstration and a quick How To of the safety tips for using these candles. I will be doing a review of these later on, so won’t say too much at the moment until I have used them properly!

These companies, along with Affordable Leather, Ann D’Cor and Leather Delights were brilliant to meet and will be testing out their wonderful products in due course.


Going back to the actual event, it was very well organised – all the random stalls, which I feel could have been laid out better – with two bars, one on the main entrance and one on a mezzanine above, there wasn’t much of a wait for drinks, and they also weren’t too badly priced, considering it was in Central London and an event. I didn’t get a chance to try to food, as when I went to order they had just closed the kitchen, but looking at the menu and the remaining few dishes being served, it looked delicious and again not badly priced.

I had aimed to stay for the after party, but after a small incident with some other party-goers they had made me feel uncomfortable being there, especially as I had attended alone and felt it was best I left. It hasn’t put me off going to L.A.M again, and seeing the after party in all it’s glory – but perhaps it would be better to go with someone else next time!

You can catch the next L.A.M event on the 3rd of October during London Fetish Weekend, follow the links to find out more!




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  1. Hi there, it was lovely meeting you at the LAM last Sunday, Hopefully at the next event in October we can find more time to chat. Thanks for your visit and positive feedback, look forward to seeing you soon…

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