Do Aphrodisiacs Work? [#19 of 100 Days of Sex]

Aphrodisiacs: Fact or Fiction?

So, everyone had said for many many years that certain foods can help you get into that sexy mood, but are they all true? I have created a little experiment for the next four weeks, to try different foods and see what their effects are. Now, I understand of course that your hormones fluctuate naturally throughout the month and the day, but this is something that I cannot control so we’re going to have to deal with that. My other half will also be trying the foods for a male perspective on the matter. Below I have listed the foods which my research has said are the most popular aphrodisiacs, along with a few random ones that popped up on the odd site, they are listed in order and categorised into sections, each column starting with the most popular and down to the least;

Fruit Vegetable Protein Other
Banana Avocado Oysters Chocolate
Watermelon Asparagus Nuts Chili
Pomegranate Artichokes Salmon Honey
Figs Eggs Red Wine

If anyone has any suggestions to add to the list – please leave in the comments below! 

Throughout the experiment I will be keeping note of several things to help get an idea if the foods are working. To help with the variables, we will not be eating any other food or drink (except water) an hour before and after eating the aphrodisiac foods and will also be testing at the same time each day. If/when we do get a bit frisky, we will time how long since consumption of the food and at what level we are at compared to before eating. Many of the foods, the articles have said it is more about the sexiness of eating the food, than the food itself – so this will also be measured with the experience, the touch, smell, taste and sound of each and every food.

For the first week, I have chosen a random food from each category along with an extra random food to make a total of 5. At the end of the 4 weeks, I will then cook a meal with ALL the foods and see what happens..

I have already done quite a bit of research on each food, but will release the information as I test each one to keep it relevant. For now, have a quick look into the history of aphrodisiacs and the weird and wonderful things people used to (and in some countries, still do!) eat to increase their libido!

  • Back in 27BC, women used to brake the arms of males warriors as it was said that wounded men made better lovers.
  • Henry the 8th is said to have consumed Spanish Flies as the poison inflamed the genitals, this was also very commonly used around the globe until recently.
  • In Asian countries, they eat the penis of a tiger as it is said to increase the libido, although there is no evidence to back this theory up.
  • The Chinese eat sea cucumber to help with their sex drives, but is said this is just because of its phallus shape.
  • Still to this day, people in  Zimbabwe mix Baboon urine into a drink to help spice it up their sex lives!
  • Many others include, leaf cutter ants, cobra blood, and turtle eggs!

Although many of these of these aphrodisiacs may seem odd, each one does have a slither of evidence that could back it up, whether it be the level of protein in a tiger penis, or the poison within the Spanish fly that makes the penis swell when pee’d out after ingestion. The reasons that are said, are not too different to those we say about our aphrodisiac foods now, whether it be the protein of the nuts or the zinc in oysters, everyone wants to find that one thing that’ll help with increasing their libido, when sometimes it is something such as stress, poor diet/exercise or it’s just not the right person and though a certain food may give you a quick fix, you may need to look deeper at why your libido is dropping.

So, for the first week the foods I will be testing are *drum roll please*

a5488c78-c6bf-4a99-8acd-f240988d0dc9shutterstock_139156931-680x445watermelonCoffee-Roaster-cup download

Wish me luck! 





*Disclaimer; my partner and I have an average sex life, having sex approximately 2-4 times a week depending on many factors including; how often we see each other, stress, tiredness etc. I naturally, have a higher libido than my partner and as many foods are said to produce more testosterone in both men and women – perhaps this will equal us out!*

5 thoughts on “Do Aphrodisiacs Work? [#19 of 100 Days of Sex]

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  2. How are you getting on with your highly scientific research into aphrodisiacs?!

    When you’ve found one that increases your boyfriend’s potency to 5 times a week (or more!) PLEASE don’t keep it to yourself – if you find one that works you’ll have legions of adoring fans. I hope it’s chocolate btw.

    I know it’s gruelling but do keep up the good work darling, frustrated females everywhere are waiting, hearts a-flutter (and p***ies gooey!)


    Amy >:)


  3. I do hope ‘it’s going well’ means your boyfriend is rising to the occasion as your assistant aphrodisiac tester and you’ve been a happy bunny this weekend!<3

    Can't wait to read your findings 🙂

    Amy (temporarily on my own)



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