Love Yourself Review [#21 of 100 Days of Sex]


I got to chat to Love Yourself at Sexhibition earlier this year, and after a long chit chat about different toys, and general life they were kind enough to offer me the H2O Vibe from Drops of Sweden to review. I have never seen a vibe like this before! It actually connects onto your shower so it is a 2-for-1 vibrator which is a bargain at only £34.99CON-RCOWIAAVQby

I first tried out this toy as a standard vibrator, taking 2xAAA batteries, it is everything that you would expect it to be, I am not a huge fan of vibrations inside of me, so I didn’t keep this on for long but it does have 10 different vibrations modes ranging in speeds and patterns (which I have used as a clitoral vibration as well) but as a general G-Spot dildo it’s fantastic! The end is flexible meaning you can use it in a variety of positions and also push up nicely against your g-spot for extra stimulation. When using it like this, there is no clitoral stimulation at all – purely just a g-spot – but don’t let that put you off, as the ridges along the end feel amazing adding in extra stimulation. The vibration, for me, is at a ‘Goldilocks’ level, not too strong, not too soft, which some of you may find to be too weak but for this particular vibrator I didn’t really care as it was the next part I was interested in…


Because THEN… you put on the shower attachment and wow. Just.. wow.

First of all let me say how easy it is to turn your normal, bog-standard shower into a orgasm machine. You may be thinking “Well I use my shower to orgasm all the time, and it’s brilliant – how good can this be?” Well, my good friends this jammy little vibrator concentrates the water into a steady stream directed exactly onto your clitoris. It gives a similar sensation to oral if you move it about and circle it around, especially if you use a lower pressure setting on your shower, as the water hits softer – like a tongue and just … it feels amazing. Doubled with the g-spot dildo part as well! And girls – you have yourself a new best friend. This toy is now one of my new favourites, I have had many an orgasm from it (and do – every time I use it) Playing around with the pressures, the temperatures, vibrations (Oh yes! It still vibrates when in shower-mode!)  It does come with instructions but I didn’t even look at them, literally unscrew the shower head, and screw in the vibrator, and that’s it! It works with most, if not every shower, as long as you have a detachable head it’ll work. There is really nothing I can fault on this toy.



Coming in three different colours (Blue, Pink or Purple) There is one to suit everyone, it really does have everything and you would be silly not to purchase one. As I said before – I have never seen a vibrator like this, it really is revolutionary and all I can say is thank you to the team at Love Yourself for changing my orgasms, for the better.

Apologies for the short review – there is nothing bad to say about this toy all I can recommend is to go buy one and try for yourself! Let me know how amazing your orgasms have become! You can view a video of the product in shower mode here. 

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