Annonymus Review [#23 of 100 Days of Sex]

My first vibrator toy I bought was from Love Honey, the Jessica Rabbit 2.0
I read the reviews and they all said it was perfect for first timers, being a virgin with a small amount of sexual experience, it was perfect for me! The price was amazing and with discreet packaging no one could’ve known what it was. 
Getting to the good bit..
With an additional purchase of water lubricant to make the experience.. Smoother. I started as I generally do, watching porn, etc. Using the water lubricant to help, the general experience was amazing. There’s 3 speeds on the rotation which I personally didn’t overly find to make a difference however I’m glad they are there as it helps with the realistic feel. 
Being a rabbit there’s the vibrating part for the clit which is the one that brought me to orgasm, again 3 speeds which I have to ease myself into being super sensitive/wanting to make the experience last longer!! It’s the bit that makes me go wild, so the mix of the 2 rotation and vibration building them both up on the levels, mixing it up.. Then even changing the shaft rotation on a separate option, it’s a completely new experience for me but one I would happily recommend to anyone new! In the rotation shaft there’s a selection of small beads that as they’re going in feels completely amazing!!
The rabbit is bright pink, which doesn’t make a difference to me what so ever! There’s noise to it yes being an electronic device, but being home alone when I do it, again no difference. The orgasms I have are amazing, using it more and more I’m becoming more experienced with it and knowing which levels and vibrations work for me the experiences become better and better!
My rating = 
Thank you to the lovely lady who volunteered to review this Rabbit Vibrator from Love Honey, it’s great to hear a review from someone who has not previous had sexual intercourse and the different sensations and experiences they may hold against someone who is a pro!

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