Lady Allura Latex [#28 of 100 Days of Sex]

Lady Allura’s Latex

I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful woman at London Alternative Market a few weeks ago, after chatting outside over a crafty cigerette she invited me to have a look at her stall. On first impressions, it was absolutely stunning! The variety of designs and styles Alluras had on her stand was amazing, so many different looks for all sorts of people. From small accessories like the goody bag I was given, or full ball gown made from the new lace latex.

Allura has created latex clothing with new designs and textures that I hadn’t seen before including a beautiful lace infused material, I didn’t believe it was made from latex until I touched it! The ball gowns moved like silk, the vintage dresses were pigmented in colour and the skirts were of vast designs.


On to the accessory pack that I was generously given to review, I can safely say that each piece is made with great skill as each seam is flawless and each piece of latex is cut perfectly. The only thing I could fault was the bow ring as the ring itself is made of a soft metal which easily bends,  I would find it better if it was an adjustable ring size to fit my finger better – other than that I loved all the accessories.

I wear each piece very regularly, I love having a small piece of latex in my everyday wardrobe and have gotten a lot of compliments from them! My favourite pieces are the bow ring, the studded collar, the bow hair clip and the Kink it Up necklace. The necklace is actually made by her friend Ann D’Cor, her obession with sugar skulls have been translated into jewellery as this cosumes most of her designs!

I am hoping to have a skirt and/or dress made for Sexpo this year by this fabulous lady, so if this does happen be sure to keep an eye out for me and come have a look at her gorgeous lace latex! It really is such a unique material and I hope Allura will progress far in her career as I believe in her company and the designs she creates!

If you wish to have your own latex ball gown for that special occassion or a cute latex skater skirt for coming winter months, be sure to check out Lady Allura’s Latex as you will not disappointed!









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