Do Aphrodisiacs Work? 3/4 [#32 of 100 Days of Sex]

And we are in to the second week of my experiment, see the results below of how I got on! I will say it was a bit more predictable this week…


Bananas, My Prediction 4/10

What the science says:

There was little the internet could tell me about why the banana is considered an aphrodisiac, apart from the main reason seeming to be the phallic shape resembles a certain part of the male anatomy (no.. not his fingers..) the only other reason is the high potassium and Vitamin B levels within them. These two nutrients apparently help the production of sex hormones.

What actually happened:

Eating a banana did not help us have sex, but here is a trick for you to try – look someone in the eyes whilst eating a banana, they will become very uncomfortable! If you want to eat something to suggest giving head, try an ice-lolly instead, it’ll be sexier!


Figs, My Prediction 2/10

What the science says:

Figs are heavily concentrated in flavonoids, polyphenols and antioxidants that they will leave you in euphoric haze to help prolong desire. They are also said to be visually stimulating as the insides looks similar to the female sex organs (although between me and you – if you’re vagina looks like the inside of a fig, I would go get it checked out..) Also containing iron and potassium which are well-known nutrients that will help energy levels to help intercourse last longer.

What actually happened:

Nope. We didn’t have sex eating figs either, although I did notice a change in my mood, I definitely became happier and more hyper after eating them! but it didn’t turn up into sex machines I’m afraid. I will add that they are a super tasty treat though! Will definitely be eating them more often!


Salmon, My prediction 10/10

What the science says:

Packed full of protein and omega 3’s salmon is a sure fire way to elevate your mood levels due to increasing the serotonin. It has also been known to help with depression due to the high levels of nutrients in this fish. Wild salmon is much more nutritious than farmed, so keep an eye out for the deepest pinky-red in colour salmon to get the most out of your meal! Although farmed fish is still good and shouldn’t be knocked, our experiment was with the regular fish from Sainsbury’s. Salmon also holds vitamins A, B, D and Calcium – all key ingredients to help with elevating moods in both men and women.

What actually happened?

We had sex! Yes this pink delicious fish helped our libidos and stimulated our minds enough for us to have sex. We ate both raw smoked salmon as well as baked, so this time I can’t tell you which one works best – but salmon in general is a great fish that should not be ignored! Definitely one I would recommend and will be trying again soon to make sure it wasn’t a one off.


Asparagus, My Prediction 4/10

What science says:

Again, the internet did not offer me much information regarding the reason behind asparagus being an aphrodisiac apart from the levels of vitamins E inside this vegetable. Vitamin E helps the production of estrogen and testosterone which can help a woman with lubrication and cause higher clitoral sensitivity as well as testosterone for the males to help get the blood pumping in the right way!

What actually happened.

Nope. Again nothing happened, asparagus is not a sexy food and I don’t think that it hold enough vitamins to stimulate anything in the brain.


Red Wine, My Prediction 10/10

What the science says:

Red wine, for years, has been a well known aphrodisiac. The best wine over whites and pinks due to the levels of resveratol which is an antioxidant that increases the blood flow to the gentials in both sexes. They suggest no more than two glasses if you are looking to increase you mood and libido though – otherwise it could cause him to go limp. Alcohol in general sparks the primitive part of the brain that controls hormones, body temperature, reproductions etc. Just be careful how much you are drinking – little is more in this case! No body like a flat out drunk person trying to have sex!

What actually happened:

Yes, we did have sex. I believe that red wine really is an aphrodisiac – although I would like try out different alcohols to see if it just a general effect. Until then, I will be adding this the top of the list as it had the quickest effect over everything I have currently tried. After just one glass I could start to feel the effects of the alcohol ( I know – I’m a lightweight..) I had two glasses in total and my partner had three which, for us, seemed to be a perfect amount.

Until next week! Here are the final 6:

images (2)


images (1)


download (2)

download (1)




One thought on “Do Aphrodisiacs Work? 3/4 [#32 of 100 Days of Sex]

  1. Well, so far your research seems to prove there’s not much wrong with a diet based on chocolate and red wine.

    Hope next week’s research isn’t too tiring! X X


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