3 Wheeled Pinwheel [#35 of 100 Days of Sex]

I purchased this pinwheel art London Alternative Market earlier this year from Affordable Leather. I had always liked the thought of using this during foreplay and had seen it used in porn films and pictures, the way I had pictured it was a spikey sensation over the skin – almost perhaps like needles. I was proved wrong, I tested the different numbered pinwheels out on the stall, with each one giving a slightly different feeling, from 1 wheel being more prickly, to the 5 wheel spreading out over the skin and feeling more blunt.

But.. on to the 3 wheel and my experience with it, so I have to say overall, I am severely disappointed with it. I was expecting, or more so hoping, it to be some kind of medieval torture device which would leave me arching my back in pleasurable pain as it ran over my skin. Instead it … felt nice. That was it – even when pressed harder into the skin, it increased the pain level but it didn’t really hurt, at least not in the way I wanted. We tried it a few times in the bondage setting, but after a good spanking or whilst being tied up, the feeling from this pinwheel was lacking any excitement and just spoiled the flow of things. Even when used before hand yo warm up, it didn’t quite get the ball rolling in the way other toys would do. The only time we use this little device now is during our massages, it does help to create a different sensual sensation to a massage which makes a nice change from our other objects. I’m afraid it’s not the kinky toy I have imagined for.


The actual make of the pinwheel is brilliant and I do love the look of each, they are excellently finished and the leather cover is very handy, especially if you’re feeling around in the draw at night for this spikey metal instrument. I’m sure it can be leathal if you’re not expecting it, so the safety cover is great. The sleekness of the 3 wheeled pinwheel really does add a little something-something to the mood, it looks very professional and easy to clean, although make sure to dry it thoroughly to avoid water marks. No need to worry about rust so much as it’s stainless steel which doesn’t tend to corrode or rust (woohoo!)


So, after along wait of wanting one, once I finally did it was more sensual than bondage for me – although it may look like a torture device from way back when, don’t let it scare you off as it certainly isn’t! Of course other people may be more sensitive to the wheel and feel it to be painful, but for me it was very much a let down!




3 thoughts on “3 Wheeled Pinwheel [#35 of 100 Days of Sex]

  1. Thanks for your review of our pinwheel and we’re glad that you liked the quality of it.

    We’re sorry to hear that it wasn’t quite what you were hoping for, but, as we generally say when we’re selling them, they’re not actually intended to be painful, they’re more of a tingly/ prickly sensation for stimulation.

    If you have a Violet Wand or similar toy, you may find the sensation made more intense as the electricity from the wand will spark off the spikes, making it more interesting πŸ™‚


    1. Yes, I remember you saying when at the stand actually, I suppose I was hoping for it to be more of an intense prickly feeling than what I recieved – it’s still a good feeling though! Don’t get me wrong, as I said it’s great for a sensual effect. I will definitely try it with electro play and see if that makes a difference!


      1. Thanks for saying that, we don’t like our customers to be disappointed and we’re glad to hear that you enjoyed the sensual effects πŸ™‚


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