Do Aphrodisiacs Work? 4/4 [#36 of 100 Days of Sex]

This is the third and final week of my experiment, see the results below of how I got on! In a few days I will do a review post with my top 3 foods!


Pomegranate, My Prediction 4/10

What the science says:

For a long time, the Pomegranate has been percieved as the fruit of fertility, and some even say that it was actually the pomegrante that was the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, not the apple. Most of the information I found was folklore inatead of hard science, the with exception that pomegranates are packed full of vitamin C which we all know gives the immune system a boost and will give you more energy.

What actually happened:

Nope. Pomegranate is not the forbidden fruit, nor perhaps the fruit of fertility – but I can tell you this brightly coloured fruit is super tasty and should be involved with all of your diets. Just don’t expect to pounce of your partner after eating a few seeds Or drinking a few glasses of pomegrante juice.


Avacado, My Prediction 2/10

What the science says:

Again, there is a lot more folklore about the avacado, with the Astecs even going as far as not allowing virgins out of their houses when avacados were in harvest due to fear of them getting pregnant (oh yes!) Avacados are however, full of Vitamin E which is the nurtient needed to keep skin, hair, nails strong and glowing. It will also give your immune system a nice boost.

What actually happened:

There are only so many avacados I can eat before they become sickening, and unfortunately I did not reach the ‘aphrodisiac level’ amount. Maybe if you eat several a day, and use them as face masks it’ll achieve the youthful look eventually, growing old beautifully and you’ll be able to bag a 20-something hottie in your 70’s. For now, they are not an instant fix.

images (1)

Oysters, My prediction 10/10

What the science says:

Oysters are an infamous aphrodisiac, for centuries it has been thought eating these slipperly creatures will arouse you beyond believe and jump into bed with the next person you see. Scientists claim there are particular amino acids within oysters which can increase testosterone and progestogen leading to highly libido. Mussels actually contain the same amino acids as oysters.

What actually happened?

After gagging from trying to eat these..things, I can safely say they repulsed us too much to even consider having sex straight away. They have a terrible texture to them, and don’t taste that brilliant either – if this is something youmare looking to try, may I suggest mussels instead. They hold the same acids as oysters and are much tastier and easier to eat! Even with mussels though, we didn’t initate any sexy moves, as both of these foods leave a distinct fish smell of your fingers and looming in the air – I’m not certain, but I have to say that isn’t a very sexy smell to anyone. Well maybe a bear.

download (1)

Honey, My Prediction 8/10

What science says:

Containing a nutrient called boron, this will help to regulate hormone levels in both males and females, honey also contains nitric oxide which is naturally released into the blood stream during arousal. Back in the day, they used to say a bee sting was like having a shot of aphrodisiac and many would often venture to bee hives in search of being stung… just make sure you’re not allergic first OK?

What actually happened:

After both eating spoonfuls of few honey and drinking it with hot water (much better way than eating it, it can get sickly very quickly) we did actually end up having sex. Whether it was because of boron and nitric oxide it contains and whether that did effect us or perhaps just our individual moods at the time, it will always be hard to tell for sure, but I will be trying this one again to make sure!

download (2)

Chilli, My Prediction 7/10

What the science says:

Chilli doesn’t contain any nutrients that heighten sexually activity, it does however contain capsaican, which – when consumed – creates waves of heat, flushed cheeks, sweating and increased heart rate, remind you of any other certain activity? This, in turn, creates endorphins that makes you happy and when you’re happy you are more likely to have sex!

What actually happened:

We did have sex after consuming chillis, but I will tell you now – make sure to wash your hands and faces thoroughly before touching any intimate areas, otherwise, and I quote from Kings of Leon “your sex is on fire” again we will be testing these again to make sure it wasn’t just our particular moods on that day.

images (2)

Artichokes, My Prediction /10

What science says:

Most of what they say on the internet is folklore, with Catherine de Medici bringing it over the France with her when she married Henry ll. Apart from being full of anti-oxidents it doesn’t hold much else other than rumours.

What actually happened:

So, it didn’t surprise me when nothing happened. I first of all had no idea what an artichoke was or how to eat it, so a quick google search had to be done to even find out what to do with it. Find out here, if you also are unsure. It has an odd taste which I’m not sure I liked, but will definitely try it again in the future as it was a different experience to what I’m used to! But no, not an instant sexual aphrodisiac for us this time around.

Tune in next week for my overall report of which foods really could turn you and your partner on for a more active sex live! We will also be cooking the Ultimate Aphrodisiac Meal. Tune in for the results!




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