NSFW Story – Two Girls, One Glass [#37 of 100 Days of Sex]

She shouted down the hall to Katie, “What did you want from the Chinese?” she waited, and heard nothing. Sighing, she walked down the hall and knocked on Katie’s door “Hey, Katie?” again no answer and this time she opened to door. She found herself looking at her roommate lying on her bed, her bottom half was bare and her legs spread open. She had in a pair of headphones with a faint sound of bass whispering around the room – there was no way Katie would have heard her, her eyes were closed and obviously lost in the moment. She stood there, mesmerised, watching her friend stroking a toy between her legs, the glass dildo with twists of red spiralling around the shaft to add different textures which she could only imagine felt amazing. She couldn’t look away as she watched the woman pleasuring herself, her deep brown hair relaxed on the pillow around her flushed face, framing it beautifully. Her rosy lips parted ever so slightly as the soft moans slipped out, her eyes tightened shut and a slight frown burrowed on her forehead. She saw her body arch upward and her muscles tensed together until the final moan released from her and she peacefully rested back onto the bed once her orgasm had finished. She now felt very embarrassed she had been watching Katie and tried to leave before she opened her eyes. It was too late; Katie opened her eyes to reveal her magically hazel coloured eyes and looked over at her roommate, already half out of the door. “Nicki?” Katie exclaimed and crossed her legs, trying to cover up – but she had seen, in full detail her friend’s intimate areas already and the fun she had had. “I…I’m just heading out to get a takeaway. What did you want?” Nicki stammered, trying not to make eye contact. “Oh, urm, the usual I guess, lemon chicken and chow mien please –oh! with prawn crackers.. and seaweed!” Nicki knew how much Katie had liked Chinese food and waited to make sure nothing else would be added in at the last minute. Katie shook her head knowing she was waiting for her, Nicki smiled and walked out, closing the door behind her.Nicki let out a small sigh. What had she just witnessed? Why had she stayed to watch? Did she enjoy it? Before she headed out, she popped to the bathroom and just as she was wiping up she was shocked at how wet she had gotten. Was this just from watching her? She wondered and she finished cleaning herself. Waiting in the Chinese takeaway, her mind wandered to the image of her roommate lying on her bed. She thought of the beautifully crafted glass dildo she had been using, her mind started to imagine the two of them together, rolling around on the bed and giggling at each other and they fondle and kiss. Perhaps it was just because Nicki had been single for a while now, she had wanted somebody to hold her and seeing her friend in pleasure had made her want to feel that too. She was so lost in thought that she hadn’t noticed the man behind the counter shouting her order number. Their dinner was ready, the walk back to their flat was short, for some reason she had hesitated before walking in as her mind was still in a haze of confusion. Opening the door, she was greeted with Katie dancing around to Meatloaf, ‘Bat out of Hell’ she was wearing her pink pyjama shorts which were just short enough the see the crease at the bottom of her buttocks, a tank top which lifted up to show her taught belly when she raised her arms and her brown hair thrown into a bun on top of her head, bouncing away to the beat of the music. Nicki stopped again, mesmerised once more by the movements of her roommate. What was it about this woman that made Nicki stop in her tracks and not be able to think about anything other than her?

They ate their dinner on the sofa whilst watching a film that was screened on the TV that night, it was a comedy which made Katie giggle hysterically, her head thrown back onto the sofa and the wonderful sound released from her lungs, the uncontrollable laugh which takes time and effort to be able to stop herself. Her breasts bounced underneath her tank top, her nipples were erect and protruding into the material of her top, Nicki could see the outline perfectly and imagined teasing them between her fingers, maybe even kissing them. Nicki had never been with a girl before and couldn’t quite decipher why now, she had these feelings evolving inside of her, before she had time to continue with that thought, Katie stood up and announced she was off to bed. She gave Nicki a cheeky look and had a glint in her eye “Good Night.” She said and sauntered off to her bedroom.

Nicki was left with her thoughts once more, and also decided to retire to her bedroom, she began to get undressed, slipping off her jeans until they hit the floor and stepping out of them. Grabbing the hemline of her shirt and pulling it over her head, her hair fell over her face; she reached for a hair tie and pulled it back into a low pony tail. She unclipped her bra for her breasts to fall freely after a long day being held up, and she bent over to take off her panties – she was now naked and ready for bed. She slipped in between the sheets, revelling in the clean sheet feel and the coolness of it against her warm skin. She snuggled down with her hand slipping between her legs, she found herself to be wet once again which made things easier for her as she started the pleasure herself. She thought of Katie using her toy, slipping it in and out of her, moaning and breathing in the most erotic way Nicki had ever seen. She thought of the way Katie’s body arched up as she orgasmed and the way her muscles tensed in that sexy way. Before she knew it, Nicki was on the brink of orgasm – she wished she had one of the glass toys that’s Katie had to help finish her off. The waves of the orgasm started, and she felt the tingles flow over her, her fingers continued to moved rhythmically over her clit, pushing slightly harder each time to build the sensations up. Finally, she came, and the same moans escaped from her lips this time, she relaxed onto the bed and snuggled deeply into the bed. Nicki smiled as she thought of Katie, she was looking forward to seeing her in the morning, it would be a Saturday and neither of them had plans, she was hoping her and Katie would be able to spend the day together.

The smell of sizzling bacon woke Nicki up; she inhaled a deep breath of the scent that flowed around her, almost instantly she got up and wrapped a dressing gown around her naked body. Katie was in the kitchen, back in those too-short pink pyjamas, the music was quieter than it had been last night, she was considerate of Nicki sleeping. The kettle was boiling as she was preparing our teas, the bacon crackled away on the stove, spitting every so often as the fat became hotter. She heard me approach her “Ah, good morning sleepy head! Tea?” Nicki nodded and glanced over at the clock, 11.45am. She really had slept it, perhaps it was because of the sweet dreams she had had of her friend, her visions of their bare skin touching each other, caressing one another… she had started to drift off with her thoughts again but Katie brought her back with an awkward conversation. “Hey, listen, about what you saw yesterday, can we just forget it happened? I mean, you’ve been a bit ‘off’ since then and I would hate for it to affect our friendship. I’m totally embarrassed by it all.” Nicki thought about this for a moment, she didn’t want to forget it, it was all that consumed her thoughts since it happened, she wanted it to continue and happen all over again. Nicki shook her head and responded with a simple ‘No’ and she began to walk toward her. Katie furrowed her brow in a questioning manor until Nicki was inches away from her, Katie’s face changed from confusing to intrigue.

Nicki’s heart was pounding in her chest, she had never been the type to make the first move with any of her previous partners, but with Katie she wanted her, she knew if she didn’t act now then perhaps nothing would come of it. With the butterflies swarming her stomach and her hands shaking ever so slightly, Nicki stroked up Katie’s arm, stopping at the strap of her vest top, she wasn’t wearing a bra again and she witnessed Katie’s nipple begin to grow and poke into the fabric once more. Nicki hovered over the strap, looking into her eyes until she built the courage the slip it over her shoulder. It fell to her elbow exposing the top of her breast, Katie was still staring into Nicki’s eyes, she hadn’t moved her line of sight.  She saw Katie reach up to her other shoulder out of the corner of her eye and move the strap down, her top moved down her chest further, Nicki’s heart had speed up further still and her breathing had become auditable. She was really doing this – Katie was OK with this, and willing to experiment with her, and smile crept over her face as Katie pulled off her top, her breasts bounced with the movement and took a step closer to me. Katie was shorter than her but only ever so slightly, her nose was at the same height as Nicki’s lips and she looked up at her with those big, beautiful hazel eyes as she leant down and kissed her. In the same moment Nicki wrapped her arms around Katie, as she reached up and placed hers around her neck, they seemed to fit perfectly together. Nicki moved her hand around to feel Katie’s breasts, they were firm yet soft at the same time, she remembered her earlier visions of these breasts and began to tease her nipples between her fingers. Katie let out a moan into Nicki’s mouth, it turned Nicki on instantly and she could feel the twangs deep inside of her. She didn’t have to feel this time to know she was already wet, Katie pulled back from her “Did you want to see my glass toy again?” Nicki didn’t know how else to respond other than nod. Katie led her towards her room, glancing back every few steps with a cheeky grin, showcasing those pearly whites and biting on her plump lips.

To be continued.


2 thoughts on “NSFW Story – Two Girls, One Glass [#37 of 100 Days of Sex]

  1. Was hoping Nickie’s longings were going to be fulfilled but then it ended! Part 2 ASAP please! 💓

    Darling, you need to edit it a bit, I think you started it in the first person but then changed to third person.



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