Leather Spanker Review [#40 of 100 Days of Sex]

I bought this amazing leather spanker from London Alternative Market back in September from Leather Delights. After spending about 15 minutes chosing the right size and design for me – I, of course chose the pink design but also because its smooth leather, they had some faux fur designs but I didn’t like the feel of it against my skin. This awesome design is double sided, all be it a bit thin for my liking (although they did have wider designs, they weren’t as long) Go for the pink leather side and endure a sharp quick pain with each twack, turn it over for the rubber side, which in my mind resembled a sole of a shoe and this groovy design produces a fiercly strong pain to the buttock, the pain lastest much longer than the pink side – which I enjoyed.


Due to the Spanker being thin, it doesn’t hold enough power to create a sharper pain and can feel a bit flimsy to an experienced spanker/spankee. It has a little metal loop at the bottom which I use for hanging it up in my wardrobe but I suppose could also be used to attach onto one of those multi-purpose belts if you’re into the hardcore Dom/Domme essence and need to keep your instruments on your person throughout your sessions. The handle fits comfortably in my hand, as well as my partners, but being honest I would have preferred a rounder handle to be able to hold better during spanking.


Overall, I really enjoyed this leather spanker, it looks professional and sleek and seems to be well made, durability factor is at a 10/10 so far, having used it several times since purchase I haven’t noticed any fraying of leather or weakening of the bonding. It is also very easy to clean of lubes/oils (or bodily fluids) I loved the pain level it gave on both sides of this little device, as I’m used to floggers rather than spankers or canes, it was a different sensation than I was used to – but definitely now one of my favourite things to use during our bondage play.

Although I must say whilst I was at the stand at London Alternative Market, I wasn’t approached by anyone from Leather Delights asking if I needed help or just to generally chat with me and what I was looking for. The event was busy, but they had a few people looking after their stall and I was there for long enough that they could of said Hello at least! Even if I know what I think I need, I always encourage exhibitors to approach everyone – if possible – that inspects your products, just for a chance to communicate, and big up your products! Much more chance of a sale, in my opinion anyway!

P.s. I couldn’t find a link to this specific little purchase so apologies for that.. here is the one for their website though




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