NSFW Story Fireworks [#45 of 100 days of sex]

His arms wrapped around her waist as she leant into him. Their heads tilted up, gazing into the night sky, she held onto his arms as they continued to squeeze tighter and a smile crept onto her face. The cold air on their faces had turned their noses pink even though they were all wrapped up warm. They waited in anticipation as the first fireworks finally lit up the sky. A unanimous “oooh” and “ahhhh” came from the crowd as the couple giggled to themselves. His head reached around hers just enough to plant a gentle kiss on her cold cheek, she twisted herself around to face him and rested her hands around his neck. She nudged the back of his neck to signal for him to lean down, he followed her command as their faces drew closer together. They engaged in a passionate kiss as the fireworks bellowed around them, lighting the faces around them but they were too enammered with their swirling tongues between them to watch the display they had waited so long for.

His hands explored her wrapped up body, he slowly unzipped her jacket to grab a cheeky feel of her body, caressing her breasts, she let out an embarrassed giggle as she shyly looked around her to see if anyone was watching. Of course, they were all there to watch the dramatic display of fireworks. Even still, he sensed her shyness and leant down to whisper into her ear. “Fancy going to find somewhere quiet?” His breath was warm against her skin and her eyes closed as the tingles ran down her spine. She felt the familiar throb inside of her as she instantly relived their previous sexual experiences. She nodded, bit down on her plump lips as he took her hand. He led her out of the crowd, meandering between children, young couples and older regulars, finally they were past the food tents and reaching the edge of the field where a thick forest surrounded the edge. He glanced back at her with a raise of an eyebrow and a grin on his face, she reciporiated the look and looked behind them to make sure no one had seen where they were going. The fireworks still battled in the background, with the beautiful colours lighting up the clear sky, the forest around them became denser as they found a spot to stop. He turned around and grabbed her waist, kissing her passionately and deeply. His hands tangled in her hair as he tugged ever so slighty, her mouth opened and a soft moan escaped from her. Her delicate hands rubbed against his crotch as she felt him grow harder through his jeans, a growl rumbled in his throat as he moved to kiss her neck. Their breathing became staggered as their arousal grew. He turned her around to face the tree they had been leaning against and reached around to fondle in between her legs. She moved her weight so it was supported by the tree, her legs began to quiver as he found the right spot and the sensations pulsed throughout her body.

His hand moved down from her torso and joined with his other, they worked together to undo the buttons of her jeans, he felt the throbs of his cock against the material of his trousers which distracted him briefly. Finally the jeans were undone and she helped him slip them down to her knees, he kicked the inside of one of her feet to move them wider apart, she let out a small yelp but smiled with anticipation. He guided her with a hand on her back, pushing gently to bend her over. Taking a step back to admire the view, he slowly undid his jeans and rubbed himself a few times first. He returned back to her, just centimetres away. He rubbed himself against her and felt her juices cover him already, she giggled once more but that instantly changed when he slipped into her, her eyes closed, her lips parted and a loud “oh” came out of her. He entered her completely, stretching her as he held onto her hips for support and he pounded into her.

They both moaned, their sounds echoed around the forest but at the same time being dwarfed by the booms of the fireworks. Their rythym began to get faster as their hot breaths surrounded the air between them. The sensations of the hard cock moving inside of her make her knees go weak and she struggled to stay standing, she distracted herself by moving a hand to find her clit, she started to rub herself which made her pulses stronger. Her knees quivered even more as she could feel her orgasm approaching quickly.

He had always loved this position, he could get so deep within her, feel her muscles move around him, gripping onto her tightly as he held her hair and giving it a sharp pull every now an again to arch her back. He loved when she pleasured herself when he was inside of her, occassionally she would grip the base of his cock tightly to add to his pleasures. He could tell by now she was nearly ready and the naughtiness of the situation made it even more arousing, he was just a few more thrusts away from climaxing but held on for her.

She whimpered a broken “oh, I’m… coming…” which sent an instant smile to his face and another wave of pleasure to his groin, just a few more seconds to hold on, thrusting deeper each time, harder into her as finally she came. He felt her muscles clench around him as he continued, her knees shaking underneath her. His hands dug deeper into her hips as he felt his orgasm coming, hers was just finishing as her moans died down, he exploded inside of her, all of his muscles tensed as he closed his eyes and relished in the waves of his orgasm and the sounds of the fireworks still continuing in the field. He collapsed onto her back as they laughed, he hugged her tightly whilst kissing her back.

She stood back upright as they were still hugging eachother with their trousers around their ankles. She could hear the crowd “ooh-ing” and “aah-ing” just metres away from them. After a few moments they reached down and pulled up their jeans. Giving eachother another kiss with their caressing tongues and a cheeky bite of the lip from her end which made that growl reappear in his throat. He smacked her on the arse as they made their way back to the display that was still roaring in the sky.

They returned to their spot in the field, with him hugging her around the waist as she could felt the moistness trickle in her panties. Their flushed faces being disguised but the coldness that surrounded them, they smirked at the activity they had just been involved in and the fact that no one around them would have the faintest idea.



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