Subspace Leathers [#46 of 100 days of Sex]

I was absolutely thrilled when Subspace Leathers offered to send me some of their Adult Baby range to review! Being the first person they have had to review their products, I feel a huge responsibilty! Well forturnately for both of us, the products at Subspace Leathers are simply divine and won’t be hard to write a review for!


Some of you may be thinking ‘oh, I’m not in too the whole Adult Baby Fetish, so don’t think this is for me‘ well let me tell you now, I had the same thoughts until I saw the products. They have a harness, paddle, dummy gag, cuffs and a leash, which can be used individually or together, as many of you many know I’m a Sub – so although I’m not into the baby fetish, it still makes me feel extra submissive wearing a harness and it’s easy for a Dom to hold on to you or tie you up with it. Each piece comes in a range of soft pastel colours and can be customised to have a certain name or word embossed into the leather! The harness can be made to measure perfectly for a comfortable fit during play or just to wear.

The harness especially made me feel seductively sexy, being in a pale pink colour, I felt cute and playful which definitely helped in the bedroom with my confident vibes showing. The only fault I could say, it that I had a little trouble with where my boobs should go. I like my restraints/harnesses tight so I can feel the leather against my skin, but when I tightened this harness I found it squished my boobs a bit. This wasn’t a major problem for me but perhaps someone with larger breasts may find it an issue? It didn’t dig in at all, as the central part is lined with a very soft material again making it delightfully comfy!


I loved the gag! Traditional ball gags often hurt my jaw after a while with the balls being too big, but with the dummy gag there isn’t that problem! It was super comfortable and at one point I wore it for about an hour during play, again this can come in various colours and the strap comes in different sizes so be sure to get one that’ll fit around your head! The only thing I would prefer with the dummy is to have a more flexible teet, like an actual dummy does, I have a tongue piercing and found the plastic tip dug into that a little bit as there wasn’t anywhere it to go/bend.

The paddle is pretty standard, a great size and width giving a good twack and a slight after sting. Again, able to customise if you wanted different lettering embossed into the leather or different colour. It fits OK in the hand, not the best but definitely not the worst, I think it would do better to have a curved handle than the flat one. I also think I would have preferred a rounder paddle (kind of like a ping pong paddle) with the Adult Baby Range to tie into the theme more. It did also bother me that the colour of the paddle and the harness – although both pink – were slightly different shades, I like my all my accessories to match but I’m just being picky with this point…


Anyone who is a Sub, Daddy’s Girl, Baby or similar will love this range. It’s able to make you feel cute and petite whilst also being incredibly sexy at the same time. I’ve not known an accessory to turn me on like this before! You can wear it over clothes for a dramatic daytime look, over underwear if you’re feeling like a tease or completely naked to signal you’re ready to play! The Leather Harness is able to connect up to larger restraints or tie ropes through the handy metal loops to restrict your play partner. I used this feature to tie my – again pink – rope around my hands and forearms and restrict them behind my back with the loops at the side. The durability of the leather is mind blowing, having used it several times since it arrived, it feels strong and sturdy. The leather also cleans up well with wipes when spillages occur. Of course they are real leather, smelling delicious whenever I get them out to wear and use! I have never known a package to smell more amazing than one from Subspace, even if you just purchase something from them for this sole reason – that’s OK!!


You can tell straight away when handling all of the products from Subpace Leather that they are crafted with care and to the highest of standards, when you buy anything from Subpace you are making an investment with a lift time product and I can assure you – will not be disappointed!

I’ll be wearing mine at Sexpo next week so be sure to come check it out and head over the the Subspace Leathers stand to get yourself one of these awesome sets.




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