Sexpo [#47 of 100 Days of Sex]

I had the privilege of attending Sexpo this past weekend and although some family matters meant I couldn’t be there for the Sunday – I still enjoyed my time on the Saturday.

It was brilliant to see everyone again and catching up with blogger friends, even if I did miss a few of them! I suppose that’s the downside of not showing my face on my media .. no one knows what I look like to come and say Hi. I have been toying with the idea of showing myself but we will see how that goes..

So upon entering London Olympia I must say I was severely disappointed with the first impression. After attending Sexhibition in August – which was my first ever show of this sort – and the amazing atmosphere it held as soon as you walked in, Sexpo had that to live up to.. yes I understand that it’s a different show but in my mind it just ran well below rank. Being in Olympia, the high ceilings and open room meant a lot of light was let in, again great for most shows but for a sex show it felt very impersonal. One of the first stands I encountered was a paintballing stall, which had me question what on earth it was doing there, of all places? Apart from that, the quantity of stalls was vast that’s for sure! There were so many companies who exhibited and a great chance to network with so many people. The layout of everything was also much more organised than other shows, flowing nicely between stalls with the stage to one side out of the way. There were a few food and drink places dotted throughout the venue which are all standard for Olympia and reasonably priced.

I went over to the industry ticket stand to collect my pass – there was slight confusion as the which ticket I was meant to have but Birdie, who I had been liasing with via email was there and sorted me out. I was given a paper wristband and a pink lanyard.. but with no plastic bit at the bottom. This was so press and stand members knew not to harass me for merchandise or what not but that didn’t seem to work. Out of the people I spoke to, the general senus seemed to be if we had a proper lanyard with a ticket at the bottom for press would make things easier. I do see the issues with this, like passing it on the others but if they were ID’d on arrival I think this would be fine. Another issue I had this the wristband is you can’t take it off – so if like me you have a secondary job at a pub and was working the Saturday night, like I was.. you had to leave it on and people asking what Sexpo was. Highly embarassing. In the end that didn’t matter for me as I didn’t go Sunday and did take it off before my shift just in case. I was also a bit bummed that you didn’t get a welcome bag with your ticket like at other shows, at least a programme noting what times certain shows ans workshops were. Unless there was and I missed this completely?

My first stop when I arrived was at JuJu Jezebel to collect my custom Bunny ears!! They are just amazing, I can’t thank them enough! Their products are just brillaint, I love the skill and creative talents that have gone into each product. I’ll be writing a peice on them in the near future – so keep an eye out!

My second stop was at the ever-so-brilliant Kinkcraft. Having their normal set up of a large table for people to be able to make their own flogger and once again being too busy to fit little of me in!! So instead they will be sending me my own custom white and pink flogger for me to do at home again – I don’t mind this though, means I can do something creative and naughty in front of the tele one night!! I will always have time to praise the guys at Kinkcraft, they are such genuine people and very caring, I’m extremely grateful we having grown a relationship!

Moving on to Subspace Leather, these guys had models all over the place including the catwalk, showcasing their new Adult Baby range, (you can read my review of it here) I love how well they’re doing, and their products are of course amazing, with the magnificent smell of it all as you walk past the stall! The guys at Subspace are always a pleasure to talk to and we had a great chat about one of their new products which is a flogger! Made from stunning walnut wood for the handle, it oozes elegance coming in 3 different sizes and a variant of colours, this is definitely one product you need to get your hands on! I’m looking forward to other creations they come out with!

Nippleicious was next on my list of people to see, this kind couple have so much passion in their expanding business, having just employed more people to give time for business ideas and new ideas, this small company is expanding rapidly and having lots of interest with wholesalers for their pretty products. They even gave me a glimpse into the Christmas range and some goodies to try out for myself. I’ll be reviewing these bad boys soon so keep an eye out for the festive nipple jewellery on show!

Moving over the the guys at E-stim, Mike was kind enough to chat to me after liaising with Justin Decerous about reviewing one of their products – which will be a lucky dip! I have no idea was may turn up at my doorstep – how  exciting! I haven’t used any electro yet so it will be a whole new experience for me!

High praise for Josh at Vanity Studios as he managed to convince to me book session at their Oxford Street photo studio, after knocking a few quid off for me – it was a bargain and can’t wait to book it and take some saucy pictures!! Woohoo.

I managed to see some of the catwalk, but I missed most of the shows as I had to rush off home – I have seen clips of the Dreamboys though and thoroughly regret missing them!! They looked like they put on a hell of a show!

Oh and of course it was great to see Pricasso in action! Who knew there was someone out there painting portraits with his penis.. hmm I must get myself a portrait next time I see him.. that will be fun to explain at the next family gathering!

Overall, I’m glad I attended Sexpo, it was a pleasure to see everyone once more, and although it didn’t live up to my expectations there is plenty of room for improvement and hopefully next year it’ll be even better.

So Sorry if I have forgotten anyone, and to all those who I missed on the day – I am sure there will be many more chances for us to meet in the near future!!





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