Jessica’s Top 20 Dates [#48 of 100 Days of Sex]

I love going on dates, being able to spend time with that one person who you can’t get enough of, being able to laugh with (and at) the other person and in turn getting to know each other deeper. So I have complied a list of Dates that I love to do, these have been tapered to the winters months but when summer decides to show itself again, I will do another for that.


For now, enjoy the list below of fun, exciting dates and hopefully there is something for all budgets, ages and sexes. There are some traditional dates that everyone automatically thinks of, but with some I have added my personal twist to liven then up..


1) Coffee. Yes, going for coffee is a standard date whether it’s your first or 101st. Spice it up by going on a coffee crawl, the shops these days are vast and this is easy to do, have a cake in one, a small latte in another, hot chocolate in the next and so on until you’ve been to as many coffee places as you can manage! People watch as you go and create stories of what you think their lives may be like!

2) Bowling. Again this is one of the more ‘standard’ dates but it’s always a favourite of mine, have some fun competition between the two of you then try to put the other one off by any means neseccary! (Alright you dirty people.. I know what you’re thinking.. or maybe I’m the dirty one…)

3) Cinema. Not always one of my favourite dates, purely because you don’t speak much, but try picking a film thats been out for a while or go at a quiet time of the day when not many people will be in there. Be playful, throw popcorn at each other, make out in the back seat, create your own commentary to the film – just be cautious of others watching the film and try not to piss anyone off.

4) Themed event, coming up to Christmas there are plenty of events about to go to. I especially love going to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, the atmopshere is very romantic with the lights, the drinks and the music. It’s fantastic evening out and would highly recommend it. If you can’t get down to london try a Christmas Market in your nearest town, they can be just as romantic!

5) Themed evening, this is different to the above, try a different cuisine and induldge in the culture. Going out for Chinese food? Dress up in chinese clothes, try to speak Chinese throughout the night etc. Can be done with so many like indian, french, italian and makes going out for dinner/eating at home that little bit more exciting!

6) Ice Skating. Again this time of year, outdoor ice rinks pop up all over the place so go ahead and spend the afternoon or evening wobbling on the ice, falling over and giggling as you hold on to each other for dear life! No matter how many times I go, I will always end up laughing!

7) If ice skating isn’t your thing, how about laser tag? Much warmer and less painful if you fall over. Laser tag, whether you’re on each others team or vs one another, it’s a great bonding experience for both of you.

8) Quiz night. Most, if not all, pubs usually do a monthly quiz night – get involved with you local community and head down to one for the evening. If you don’t know the answers think of the most riduclous and outrageous answers you can imagine! It’ll be sure to be a fun night even if you come last. (Hey, sometimes there’s a booby prize.. it’s almost worth loosing!)

9) Take a class together. Whether it’s a free cooking lesson on how to make ravioli, a pottery class or knitting, you’ll leave there feeling pleased with a new skill and perhaps a new hobby you’ll take up together.

10) Dance the night away. I’m not talking about heading to a sleezy club and grind against each other while getting shitfaced. I’m talking about salsa, ballroom or similar. Join a class, or head down to a local community centre and laugh at how many times you step on each others toes, watch the elder couples who get lost in the music and look into eachothers eyes with love still burning away. It’s very romantic!

11) When – or if – it decides to snow this year, run outside and be kids again. Have a snowball fight, build a snowman or even a whole snowman family! Make angels in the soft white covering, take a flask of hot chocolate to warm yourselves up though!

12) Movie Marathon. Two options here, either get all your favourite movies and share them together or – and this is my personal favourite – get a stack of B-list movies, snuggle up in a home made fort, stock up on nibbles and drinks of your choice and sit back and relax. Although they may be terrible films, sometimes you find a good one! If not then laugh at the aweful acting, the shoddy horror make up or the plots that just don’t make sense. Netflix is brilliant for this as it’s filled with films that no one has heard of!

13) Play Board Games. I’m not just talking normal games here.. I’m talking of strip and non-strip games. You can turn anything into a strip game, chess for example, it turns into a very sexy game quickly. If you’re not there yet or fancy a different version how about non-strip games. Instead of taking off an item – add one on until you can’t move! Great for winter as it gets chilly, I don’t know about you but when you’re wearing 6 jumpers and 3 pairs of trousers it’s quite comical to try and roll the dice! Even better is nonsense scrabble, make up all the words but you have to make up a definition to back it up, if it turns out to be a real word you loose a point!

14) Cook at Home. Together. Bake a cake, cook a roast, anything you like but do it together, be playful with it and maybe have a heated, flour-in-the-hair make out session on the work top! It’s about the cooking, not the end result – although if the cake turns out good.. then obviously eat that too.

15) If you’re a lucky bugger like me and have a gas stove, use it to roast some marshmellows and create, as the Americans call them, S’mores. Snuggle together in the kitchen with a hot beverage whilst eating the delicious gooiness! If you have a fancy electric stove, or fancy exploring outside then go for it! Build a camp fire in the garden!

16) Stargaze. There is nothing more romantic than laying on the grass and pondering up at the sky, talk about the universe and your thoughts on aliens. Wrap up nice and warm though and hopefully pick a night without rain and cloud! Pick out constellations and choose a star each or together that you’ll call your own, so whenever you look up at the sky you can point it out and think of the other person when you’re missing them.

17) Be a Tourist. Head on over to the nearest city, or even the nearest town and go exploring. Get the bum bag out, disposable camera and maps and act like you’ve never been there before, go down streets you don’t usually go down, find new places to eat or visit, take so many photographs of each other, pretend you’re from a different country trying to speak English and have fun!

18) Drive to the nearest Beach. The beach isn’t just for summer, it can be just as fun all year round, sit on the beach and listen to the waves, warm up with fish and chips on the pier and if you’re brave enough get an ice cream after! Play at the arcades and try to win that big cuddly toy for your other half! You can still build a sand castle in the cold, hold a mini competition and get passerbys to judge them. Loser has to buy said fish and chips. Stay for the sunset and watch the day drift into night as the sun sets peacefully into the water and the sky changes from blue, to orange to black.

19) Get lost. On purpose, drive or walk for as long as you wish in a direction you haven’t been before, or don’t usually take. When the time feels right, turn at the junction, or come off the motorway and let your gut take you to a new place to explore. Some of the greatest places I know have been found by accident!

20) Day Out Event. By this I mean places like sea-life, London Dungeons, museums etc. Being indoors, it’s warm and keeps you out of the chill of winter. There will always be common ground to talk about at places like these and is much better for a first date than a movie or just dinner. Heading out for something to eat after means you have something to chat about! There are many of these types of places dotted around the country so be sure to find ones nearest to you if you don’t fancy travelling far!


No matter what you decide to do with your partner make sure you have fun. If you do have a little spat about which direction to go or whatever, make sure to shrug it off and laugh about it, enjoy each others company and spend quality time together. So many couples eventually fall into a routine and forget to date eachother. We all need that romance and passion that fuels any relationship, so pick a few things to do each month and set aside some time for eachother. You’ll build precious memories which you will forever look back on and enjoy.

Even if it’s your first date with someone, it has to be fun, us as humans connect best when we laugh so don’t just go for an awkward dinner struggling to find conversation, instead plan and event where there is plenty around you to talk about if the conversation turns stale. At least of you don’t like the person on the date, you’ll still have a good day/evening out!

Hope this has given you some inspiration for your next date – let me know if you try any or comment below with your favourite date!


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