Kinkcraft Mini Flogger [#51 of 100 Days of Sex]

So, as always Kinkcraft have been ever so accommodating for me, I asked a little while ago if they could produce a pink and white flogger to match in with my other toys and outfits and although they said they tend to steer clear of white as it gets dirty quickly, that didn’t stop them from trialing an awesome Washing Machine Test for the mini flogger.


It’s excellent to know that you can indeed wash these crafty little things, and they will stand the test of a powerful washing machine without breaking, fraying, falling apart or whatever else is may do! It was also a bonus on my special white edition mini flogger as it meant it can be done! Woohoo!

I met the guys at Kinkcraft once again, this time at Sexpo in London and once again their stand was packed! Every time I walked past there was a long queue for the table and unfortunately I didn’t have the time to wait for a space, but being the lovely people they are, Kinkcraft mailed me out my special pink and white mini flogger for me to make in the comfort of my own home.

I have previously made a mini flogger with Kinkcraft, so I know the basics (you can read my previous review here) The only thing that was different was the design on the handle. At first glance – I much refer tprevious design, with the cross over pattern making it look much more professional, elegant and sturdy but the spiral design on this flogger is so much easier to master, and quicker to do. It took me about 5 minutes for the handle, overall total of approx 10-15 minutes! The spiral actually feels stronger than the cross over pattern, I think this is because you can get it so much tighter which helps to keep the handle rigid – very important during play..


With just 3 different parts to assemble this mini flogger, you don’t have to be creative or good with your hands to make one of these – literally anyone can do it. Kinkcraft make the online videos so easy to follow, and once you’ve opened an online account with them, you can view the videos as many times as you need. Speaking clearly and going at a good pace to follow, it really helps – also because it is a video you can pause, rewind, watch 38 times if you want/need! The camera angle they use is Point-of-View which I really like, as you know whats right and whats left, unlike when you’re looking at someone doing it and it’s mirrored which can get confusing with which part goes where.

I love the whole concept Kinkcraft have created – what a great activity to do with a partner or even on your own. Imagine sitting down and making a flogger, or cuffs together in the living room whilst sipping on a glass of wine, music flowing in the background as things start heating up. You’re both giggling whilst creating your masterpieces and thinking about all the naughty things you’ll be doing with them in just a short while. Then going on to use said products, knowing full well YOU have made it and now you are using it to bring ultimate pleasure to your partner! It really is a wonderful feeling.


If you haven’t had a chance to make your own yet, Kinkcraft go to lots of different trade shows throughout the year, so pop down and visit them – if you’re too impatient or wish to buy one for a saucy Christmas Present then head on over to their website! They have lots of different products available.




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