Vanilla Pod Review [#52 of 100 Days of Sex]

Vanilla Pod kindly sent me one of their cushions for a sex toy review – I was extremely excited to receive this product as I haven’t seen one like it before! For those of you who haven’t heard of them, this product is a specifically designed pillow which has a secrect compartment hidden inside which can house your sex toys. A perfect way to hide your private toys, especially if you share your home with noisy flatmates or family members!


The Vanilla Pod arrived in a big black box, plain labelled so no one would know I have a sexy secrect… it was beautifully packaged in tissue paper to keep it secure. There are many different designs to choose from, depending on your taste but I chose the Red Lights design which is a handrawn picture of the red light district in Amsterdamn, a sutble suggestion to what may be inside. The Pod also comes with a key that has a romantic tassel hanging from it, the lock is a simple padlock inside of the cushion cover, easily opened with the key.

The Pod itself is very plump with not much ‘squish’ to it – depending on your preference this can be a good or bad thing. I personally would have preferred it a bit softer, as although very supportive on the lower back, perhaps too hard to be ‘comfy’. Saying this, being heavily stuffed means you cannot feel what is inside the cushion, my mum even borrowed the Pod one evening to support her back and didn’t have any idea of the many sex toys hidden away inside of it! It does add an extra naughtiness to your home furnishings. Of course you can put anything into the Pod, it doesn’t have to be sex toys – if you have something else that needs to be kept hidden, I’m sure this ingenious pillow will do the job perfectly! The Pod is a great size actually, big enough to be useful as both an actual cushion and a storage unit.


How much can you fit inside? I hear you say… quite a bit actually. I managed to fit a 7″ dildo, small bodywand vibrator, bondage rope, 2 butt plugs and mini vibrator, if of course you have a lot of toys you may need more Pods.. I was only expecting it to hold one toy so was pleasently surprised to discover it can hold so much! It was all squished in though, there isn’t a hole as such but two layers of cushion that you fit the toys in between. The only down side to it, is that when inserting a rubber toy like a dildo, there is quite a bit of friction against the material of the Pod, so I would suggest putting into a smaller toy bag first, this will also help with keeping clean or reacting with other toys hidden away in the cushion.


I would have liked there to be somewhere for the key to be stored, as it is completely seperate from the Pod. Imagine if you lost it! You would have to break into your own pillow to be able to vibrate to climax… perhaps if there were a pocket on the back of the cushion or a hook to attach the tassel onto, it may be helpful in the future.


Overall, I loved this product. The Pod adds a saucy element to my bedroom furnishings, with only myself knowing the secrects it holds. It is very well made, with all the seams holding strong and no fraying or faulty zips so far, plus the cushion inside has held its shape perfectly even after daily use. Vanilla Pod hasn’t been launched very long, but I have high hopes for this little company, it’s perfect for anyone who needs a little secrect storage place for their adult toys but also wants to have a useful product instead of just a boring storage box.

You can view their whole range over on their website.




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