E Stim Systems Review [#56 of 100 Days of Sex]

I met Mick from E-stim Systems at Sexpo in London, after chatting for a while he suggested to send me some goodies to review – being a virgin at electro play, I of course accepted! It has always tempted me. Mick said he would surprise me with what he was going to send and oh boy did he deliver! I received a lovely plain packaged box which contained the Estim Intro2Electro For Her, a bipolar electrode, ‘Small Flo’ and connecting cables.


So, lets start with the Intro2Electro, first of all it comes in an awesome case, take the labels off and it just looks like a tool case, perfection for discretion at home (well until someone needs a screwdriver!) It comes with a great, easy to read booklet which I skimmed through although it really is so simply to use. Put the battery in, plug in the wires – done! The booklet does also mention a few key do’s and don’ts, how to clean, store etc. The Estim System remote has 3 main settings, output level, pulse feel and pule rate, using the twist controls from low to high, you then also have the mode button for either pulse, continuous or manual and of course off. Over to one side is the fire button, this is where you can have the most fun! Switch over the manual mode and press the red button to send a shock to either yourself or your willing subject! Mwuhaha! With a little red light flickering every time a pulse is sent, you know when your partner is receiving their pleasure, I found this to be a great idea as it lets both of you know how much electro pulse they’re taking.


Now, it doesn’t come with a dildo but instead, I can only describe it as a plug of sorts. It’s a small device with a metal band around the middle – this is the part which produces the electro. It isn’t meant to be thrusted, or to fill you up, it’s meant to sit in there just right ready to give you amazing pulses which will quite literally make your knees quiver with anticipation. Using the E-stim Systems water based lubricant making insertion even easier, pop in the sex toy, sit back and relax (well kind of) I would suggest starting of slow if you’re a beginner even if you’re eager to get cracking as you never know how you’ll react. It’s much more sensitive down there than your hands that’s for sure! Even on the lowest settings, one which I could hardly feel on my hand, felt quite strong down below, in the best way possible though I might add. As previously mentioned, I was a virgin to electro play, now I can’t get enough, the sensation from this product is almost indescribable. With other toys, you have the generic vibration feel, or the in-and-out of dildos but with electro play it makes your muscles contract involuntarily. You know just as you’re about to orgasm and you can feel all your muscles start to tense? This is the sensation that E-Stim has created, constantly feeling on the edge of an orgasm, perfect tool to tease either yourself or a partner. When you finally do reach orgasm point, it is the strongest and hardest one I have had so far.


It’s an odd feeling to describe, when it’s on the lower settings the only thing I can relate it to is pins and needles. It’s that kind of tingly sensation which is brilliant to build up from, whereas the harder and stronger pulses is more.. if you’ve ever been spanked, the initial hit and that ‘thwack’ pain? I guess it’s like that – although not a pain, it’s similar in a sense that is makes you judder and contract your muscles in a quick motion. It’s the best I can describe it!


Another thing that I absolutely love about this product is the fact is it SILENT. There is no buzzing, no humming, no sound comes from using this product. If like me you live at home or a shared house you can discreetly play with E-Stim Systems without anyone knowing – although I must say if it gives you as intense of an orgasm as it did for me, you may need a pillow or leather bite to stifle your moans!

The pads gave the same sensation as the plug did, but obviously you can disperse it over an area, like the buttocks or thighs, I didn’t get as much pleasure from these as the other two devices, as it wasn’t a direct pleasure but was still nice to have to warm up at add an extra sensation during sex.

E-Stim Conductive Lube, I think this has to be my favourite lube, ever. It ticks all the boxes, if you have read my review over at Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel, I have certain criteria that I follow which makes – for me – a usable lube. Feel, Taste, Smell and Duration. E-Stim has managed to create a lube which is long-lasting, water based, has no smell, has no taste and not sticky. Also, being Electro Play products, this lube is of course conductive, which makes play even more sensational and fun! I take my hat off to you! It is now my ‘Everyday Lube’ and it always the first lubrication I reach for during play.


The last of the products that E-Stim sent me was the ‘Small Flow’ butt plug. Flo is a perfect size for me, I am not keen on having anything too big in my arse, so even though this stretched me enough to feel pleasurable, it wasn’t off-putting in the slightest especially when the electro started, blimey! Even on the lower settings, Flo felt stronger than the vaginal plug, whether this was just me or there is a different conductivity within it I’m not sure. The point of contact is around the rim on your arse, which is amazing as personally I think this is just where it needs to be, it had me quivering at the knees for sure and in many cases toppling over and burying my face in the pillow with good sensations. Again, start of slow, building up gradually with each play to get used to the pulsations this contraption gives.

I must say I did feel a bit weird the first few times of play with a partner, only because of all the wires protruding from me, but I soon got over that when I felt the orgasms it produces. I also love the fact that you can turn it off rapidly, with a quite twist of a button it all stops if it gets to much and the safe word has been called! The wires are long enough to not have to be in an awkward pose during solo play, or for your partner to sit back in a chair and watch you loose control – if you’re into that kind of thing!


All in all, there is nothing I can fault with these products – if I were to be finickity I would like the vaginal plug to big a bit bigger but this wasn’t an issue in the slightest, just a personal preference. As this is the Intro2Electro, I can let this minor adjustment slide!

Products from E-Stim Systems will always be the best investment to buy for your sex life, whether it’s solo play or with a partner, I can guarantee it will bring the best orgasms you’ve experienced.

Head over the E-Stims Systems here to get yours!


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