Uberkinky Review [#58 of 100 Days of Sex]

This has been my first experience working with Uberkinky, I have always been a fan of their products so was thrilled when Vikki contacted me asking if I would like to join their monthly testing list – of course I said yes!


However, as a sex toy reviewer I have the say my honest opinion on the matter and there was unfortunately a mix up with the delivery of the parcel. It had someone else’s name on it – still to my address though, I have no idea where they got the name from as it was neither my real name nor my pseudonym. Long story short, my parents receive a lot of packages daily due to the nature of their business and opened the delivery only to find a set of kinky nipple clamps. It was embarrassing and I had to play the innocent as I am not in a position to tell my parents about this blog as of yet. They sent to package back to Uberkinky and laughed it off never to speak of it again…

I did email Vikki immediately telling her of the issue and she responded very apologetic and contacted the dispatch team to alert them of the issue and to see where the problem arose. It is one of those things that is human error somewhere down the line and luckily it was not a huge issue for me, apart from being slightly awkward. She understood my situation and agreed to send out another parcel to me if I agreed, she also added in a special pressie for me as a ‘we’re sorry gift‘! Which was very sweet of them. Their service was brilliant, very prompt and helpful, in no way did it put me off ordering from Uberkinky

Except from the label issue, the parcel was plain labelled and discreet and until you opened it you would never know the package was filled with kinky debauchery.

So, let’s move on to the actual product – Nipple Clamps. I have used lots of different types of nipple clamps in the past, some being much better than others. The Master Series Bondage Ring Barrel Nipple Clamps looks and feels a bit bulky on first glance, with large o-rings at one end and rubber tipped clamps at the other these are definitely a heavy-duty product perfect to adding restraints or weights. These particular clamps use a screw mechanism to tighten meaning it can withstand the pressure of play without fault. There is nothing worse that the clamps loosening or pinging off during your erotic moments.

The Master Series Nipple Clamps curve at the tip which create a brilliant shape to be able to clamp comfortably (to a certain degree…) just behind the nipple, giving a magnificent pressure sensation apposed to a painful pinch. It doesn’t matter how hard you pull on these o-rings the clamps do not budge. Excellent for tying up your partner with rope – or you chosen accessory – slipping it through the o-rings of the Maser Series Clamps and with every twitch of their body, they will also receive a tug on their nipples! Perfect!


If you require even more kinkiness to your play, you can remove the rubber covers on the Nipple Clamps to given a stronger pressure and slightly more pain. This was too much for me for long periods of time and preferred the softer pressure with the rubber covers on.

The design of The Master Series Clamps are great which the only adjustment I would make being a safety release button. The screw mechanism is brilliant and provides a strong grip however it does take a good 5 seconds or so to undo completely, especially if you are using them to be restrained a safety button may be a nice touch.

I like the design of these Nipple Clamps, although normally I like my pink and white pretty toys, The Master Series definitely suits its play being larger than the average clamps, they can look a little intimidating but once they’re on and you feel that pressure and the pinch you won’t care! Of course if it came in a white version I would be the first in line!

Although it’s name states Nipple Clamps, you don’t have to use it JUST on your nipples. It works just as well pretty much anywhere else on the body including lips, hair, ears, your other lips.. The possibilities are endless.

I really like these nipple clamps and have always been a fan of The Master Series products as they always give a great sensation, a deeper feeling, that my other clamps don’t provide, yet I find due to the bulkiness of the design I’m not using them as much as my more delicate nipple clamps.

If you enjoy your bondage these Master Series Nipple Clamps definitely need to be in your toy box!

Head over to Uberkinkyto buy yours!




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