Doxy Massager Review [#59 100 Days of Sex]

The wonderful people at Foxy Fun Toys offered to send me a sex toy to review and when the infamous Doxy Massager was on the list how could I refuse? I have heard many tales about this wonderful product I had to see for myself..


The product arrived in a plain labelled box as I both assumed and hoped for. The packaging of the actual Doxy Wand Massager was in a big cardboard box, secured in place with additional cardboard cuts so it doesnt rattle around. Foxy Fun Toys were also kind enough to send over a few other toys which will be reviewing in due course.

The lead for the doxy wand was so much longer than I imagined! I was worried it would only be a metre or so and have to position myself toward a plug socket .. however being over 3 metres in length it was more than long enough between any plug socket in my house and the nearest chair/sofa/or wherever play time may be! This particular design means it runs purely through an electrical outlet – not batteries, meaning perhaps not the best travel buddy. Also due to the size of this powerful vibrating machine it isn’t the most discreet of toys! Measuring in at just over a foot long, it’s not an easy one to hide away or pop in your hand bag.

The tip is PVC and super soft which is perfect to support those relaxing vibrations against your skin, however it does mean it is porous and prone to bacteria so make sure you clean and store it well! With a range of attachments you can pop on the end for different sensations or your penetration needs, it’s most definitely a ‘one size fits all’ kinda sex toy.


One of the great things about the Doxy Massager is the big and easy to reach buttons! Making it simple with an on/off button and vibration strengths, the three buttons are all you need to expel yourself into an array of mind bending orgasms.

The first time I used the Doxy, I came within 30 seconds – that’s impressive right? However the next few times of use it took longer, between 3-8 mins which is still good but felt it was taking me longer each time and ended up finishing with my hands a couple of times.. Using the Doxy is definitely more pleasurable with a partner, having them stimulate me with it – even better if they’ve tied me up and teasing my orgasm with the powerful beast! Even over knickers or through trousers the rumbly sensations can be felt strong enough to cause an orgasm! But for my alone time I tend to not use it as much as other vibes.

Because it does plug into the mains, the Doxy Massager packs a powerful punch. Having the endless supply of energy feeding it means there is no waivering on power, there is a constant and endless stream of sweet vibrations. Where there is power .. there is also a racket! The doxy is not a quiet vibrator. Not to be used if someone else is in the house and you’re trying to have a cheeky wanking session. But if someone did come home unannounced, the off switch on the Doxy is big enough that you can turn it off easily or perhaps scramble to the plug socket and turn it off that way!


Just because the doxy is being sold and advertised on a sex toy website.. does not mean it has to be used as such. I know many people who use this device to relax any muscles and it’s great for my shoulder tension, providing a soothing sensation across the muscles to release any knots you may have. I’m sure if an unsuspected bypasser entered your room to see the huge Doxy massager and you tried to flag it up as a general massager they may well buy it.. unless of course they have filthy minds and see almost anything as a vibrator/dildo! -cough cough-

Generally, I adore my Doxy Massager and am really please Foxy Fun Toys sent it over for review! They have had awesome customer service every step of the way and I’m so pleased I have been able to work with them.

To sum up about the Doxy;

It’s loud
It’s big
And it’s bloody powerful

Everyone needs a Doxy and with it’s range of colours and attachments you can create one to suit you perfectly. Although it may not send me over the edge everytime – when it does it’s such a strong build up that it makes up for the occassional times it doesnt.

Thanks to foxy fun toys, you can buy yours on their website.





2 thoughts on “Doxy Massager Review [#59 100 Days of Sex]

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