The Leather Lab Review [#61 out of 100 Days of Sex]

The Leather Lab approached me asking if I would be happy to review one of their products, and after lusting at their Etsy store for ages, of course I said yes!

They were able to produce a custom piece for me consisting of a collar with matching cuffs, in baby pink and a white lace edge detail. If anyone knows me, then you won’t be surprised with my choice in colours! Everything is now starting to match perfectly in my toy box! A couple of weeks went by as I waited for the custom leather to be handmade but it soon finally arrived.


Delivered in an inconspicuous box, I opened the box to lovely blue tissue paper with black lace to secure it – I have still kept the lace for future usage! The Leather Lab also added in a little surprise.. a pair of pink leather nipple covers! Extremely cute and a nice little extra touch which is so thoughtful. The actual product was just as I had imagined, a lovely soft pink italian leather with the dainty white lace around the edges and a boarder of brass rivets to secure everything in place. The style reminded me of a victorian-esque with the lace around the collar, the whole set makes me feel so pretty and secure at the same time.


The cuffs were slightly difficult to put on at first on my own, trying to do the brass buckle one handed can be tricky but if used during play with a partner then this wouldn’t be an issue. I did also find that perhaps the cuffs were slightly too tight, although I like them restricting it boardered on uncomfortable, this was the same of the collar but not as noticable. Next time it would be worth sending measurements with a custom order to make sure it was exactly as I would desire however I did notice on the Etsy page they suggest sending measurements in the notes section of the order. As with most things though, after a few times of wear the leather softened up and is now a tiny bit looser than first wear – well either that or I have just gotten used to them?!

Apart from the measurement issue, there is nothing to fault, both the cuffs and collar are super strong a durable, I’ve put them through their paces quite a few times since I recieved them and they haven’t faulted me once. You can tell these leather items have been made to the upmost of quality, with the D rings securely fastened so when the cuffs are locked together behind your back, between bed posts are wherever you feel the need to be restrained to.. they aren’t going to slip off the wrist or break meaning you don’t have to keep an eye on them, just fasten up and go about your play!

The leather cuffs and collar have also been used in conjunction with rope play, whilst being suspended from the ceiling I was nervous about how much weight they can hold – but as mentioned above, they have been made so well that they can support a lot during play.

Although predominantly used during play, the collar is too pretty to be kept in the bedside drawer and has been worn out the house and has received so many compliments! It’s perfect to adding a hint of kink to an otherwise ordinary outfit.. The Leather Lab are one of the best leather companies I’ve come across and definitely on par with some others that I’ve reviewed previously. You can see the thought and dedication that goes into each piece of leather wear they make.

The Leather Lab have most difinitely mastered their craft.

You can now buy my custom set here on their Etsy Store. Enter code JESSRABBIT for 15% off!




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