Burlesque Show [#63 of 100 Days of Sex]

The lights were dim and a lonesome spot light shone on the stage. The crowd had poured in and were waiting in their booths, the regulars sitting in the same seats as the previous week, cigarettes and spirits waiting on the table. The room had blood red decor with textured wallpaper and a dark wooden floor, the edges of the booths had gold trimmings along it’s edges to add that hint of luxury – everything about it screamed 1920s Hollywood glamour.

The stage had a grande piano to one side, made from only the best deep mahogany  and a silver microphone in the centre of the stage as the main act arrived from the side curtain. She sauntered along standing directly in the spot light, her perfectly curled auburn hair bouncing with each step and the glitter of her costume shining around the room, reflecting in the drink glasses of her audience. She stood for several moments with her eyes to the floor, breathing deeply until she was ready. Her voice echoed around the room as the audience were instantly encapsulated by her enchanting sound, the piano chimed in to create the faultless combination of sounds. All eyes were on her. The bone corset cinched in her waist creating the most seamless hour glass figure, her breasts protruding over the top just enough to be bouncing to the music, a hint of the suspenders holding up her stockings peaked through under her skirt, with the straight pin strip rolling down the back of her legs, finishing at the point of her heel.

The heels of her stilettos tapped on stage as she walked the length of it, carrying the microphone as she goes and fondling the wire with her fingers. She gazed out to the audience, making eye contact with various watchers as she would roll her hips to the beat, teasing the crowd with her moves, the black feather boa around her neck was always the perfect prop to lightly dust over her skin, giving her tingles as she did so. She could sense the men in the audience wanting to touch her, feel her velvet skin under the seductive costume, writhing in their sets trying to conceal their hardness. She always felt alive on the stage knowing the dozens of men in the audience were there to watch her, watch as she danced on the stage provocatively. The music continued on as she placed the microphone back on the stand and slowly starts to undress the corset, removing each lace with ease as her hips still sway. Her back was to the audience now but she can still feel the eyes on her, the men never looking away even when taking a drag of their cigarettes.

She peeled the corset away from her skin, each movement to the beat of the music as she throws a cheeky glance over her shoulder. A few comments were heard shouting from the audience, she knew these are not her regulars – they know better than to be so crass. She held the corset out to one side as her other hand covered her breasts, she dropped it to the ground with a light thud and extended her leg with a pointed toe out to her left. Performing her routine flawlessly as she did so every night, turning around to face the audience with her arm still covering her chest  teasing them with the curves of her body, the feather boa still draped around her neck and every so often the feathers would tickle her porcelain skin, glowing under the spot light.  She removed her arm dramatically to the music to reveal a set of sequinned nipple tassels, they were cherry red and caught the light perfectly. Using the swing of her supple breasts she swung the tassels side to side, the audience applauded and wolf whistled to her as a smile exposed her brilliantly white teeth. She loved hearing her crowd be entertained by her performances – it would never get old.




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