The Chastity Belt.

I lay there, stark naked on the bed as he zips up his trousers, the black material hangs next to his skin, still slightly moist from a mixture of our sweat, I love it when he doesn’t shower after being with me, to know he’ll be walking around with part of me still on him, reminding him of my body, the way it moves when he touches me, the ‘fuck-me’ face I make when we have sex or the way I smell after we’ve had our fun. He turns around to look at me, standing at the end of the bed as I just lay there limbs akimbo resting from our escapades, I gaze at him, the evening light shining through the window, bouncing against his skin – his face slightly weathered but with complimenting stubble, his chest toned without being too much. Suddenly, he grabbed my ankles and pulls me onto the edge of the bed, I let out a little yelp as he does so as it took me by surprise. My legs dangling over the edge, next he grabbed my wrists – pulling me into an upright position continuing until I was standing up in front of him. He didn’t say a word but I knew what was coming. I could feel his come moving inside of me, I clenched my muscles to feel the sweet ache I always had after having sex, the mix of pain and pleasure as my mind relives the touch of him, my eyes close for a moment until the harsh sting of his palm on my cheek woke me back up.

He looked at me, his eyes intense. He was waiting for my reaction – to see if it was OK to play, I responded in the perfect way and he continued. I could see the slightest of grins at the edge of his mouth and a glint in his eye as he reached into the draw beside the bed. He pulled out a metal contraption which I was familiar with, just seeing the metal shining in the light gave me butterflies as I thought of what was to come. He kicked my leg out to the side and knelt in front of me, taking a deep breath in, his tongue explored over the length of me, tickling against my clit causing my leg to give way slightly, his hand held on for support as the sensations overwhelmed my already sensitive area. My eyes closed as I let the pleasure engulf me for as long as possible before he stops – which I know he will – the length varies depending on how nice he is feeling. Today it was for a few minutes only as I felt the push of the metal toy being inserted into me. Stretching me out and pushing against my tense muscles, it was delicious and a moan automatically left my lips, he slapped me again so my eyes would be open. He liked me to watch him, the sting lingered just for a moment as he returned to what he was doing. He connected the belt around me, securing it in place with padlocks, the pressure was intense as I stood there clenching around the metal inside of me. Every small movement I made caused it to push against me in a different way, he moved his face until it was millimetres away from mine – I could smell myself on him and I just wanted him to passionately kiss and fuck me again. I knew better than move toward him to steal another kiss, instead I just stood there as he looked into my eyes, I could feel the fabric from his trousers lightly brushing against my skin, my nipples were hard and willing to be caressed. There were a thousand scenarios rushing through my head with what he was planning for me, what I wanted to do and what had happened previously. He took a step back from me, admiring his work as he put on his shirt and jacket, finishing with a maroon tie.

“Stay there”, He ordered as he left the room to finish getting ready in the bathroom.

It was 6:37pm and our guests were expected to be arriving around 7pm. I still had to get ready in time for them, butterflies flew around in my stomach once more as I had visions of me wearing my blue sweeping gown whilst underneath hiding my belt. A smirk grew on my face at the thought. He returned with a glass of water, my restraints and a gag, I was still standing by the bed, the belt on securely – it was his turn for a smirk to appear on his rugged face, slight surprise as he didn’t expect me to obey him. I gave a slight raise of my eyebrow and looked toward the clock – he understood me perfectly as he replied.

“You’re not attending the party tonight. At least not in the way you think”.

His brow rose in a testing fashion, he waited for my reaction which was delayed as I processed the information. My face furrowed and I didn’t understand, he stepped closer toward me and put his hands on the belt, giving it a little tug I felt the metal plug pull inside of me. I couldn’t do anything else other than whimper as the pleasure soared through my body.

“Come with me” He ordered, as he took my hands and guided me towards the dining room.

The table was laid out to seat 6, as arranged, the large oak table stood in the middle of the room with a large chandelier hanging in the centre, along the wall were two cupboards, one that housed our bone china collection, the other storing random items that didn’t have any other place to live. There were shelves along another wall with bottles of alcohol, varies of spirits and wines from our travels that we dabbled into occasionally. He let go of my hand and continued to walk over to one of the cabinets, he nudged his head to suggest I come over to him. The plug rolled against the walls inside of me, with each step all I could think of was taking the belt off and fucking him so hard I came all over. It was very much a love-hate feeling with the belt. I met him at the cabinet and looked up waiting for my next instructions. He turned me around and placed the gag into my mouth, fastening it at the back of my head. The small plastic ball fit snuggly in my mouth allowing it to be comfortable enough to wear for long periods but stretched just enough to give the right amount of pain. Spinning me back around I was now gagged and plugged – with 10 minutes before our guests were arriving for dinner in the room I was currently standing naked it.

“Get in the cupboard, on your knees”

I hesitated briefly before following his instructions. As I bent down then plug applied pressure into all the right places causing my knees to buckle as I fell onto the floor. I continued to crawl into the cupboard, resting on my knees, he bent down with me and used the rope to tie my wrists to my thighs. He kissed my forehead, tweaked my nipples and closed the cupboard door. There was a small grate at eye level which meant I could just about see out toward to table. I saw him walk away as the doorbell rang out. I heard the mumbled ‘Hello’s’ from down the hall, and the excuses he made for me ‘I’m afraid she’s very ill tonight and won’t be joining us’ our friends sent their best wishes to me, little did they know I was tied up in the cupboard. A few moments later, the 5 of them walked into the dining room, gushing at the beauty of the table and the centre piece I had prepared earlier that day. I saw him look toward the cupboard and winked, I smiled as best I could with the gag in my mouth, a stream of saliva dripping down my face and landing on my legs – I couldn’t do anything about it otherwise it would make a noise, so I sat there and continued to watch the people metres away from me enjoy their night. They soon sat down for their first course, drinking and chatting away, I could see him under the table rubbing himself in my view – the outline of his hard cock between his fingers and looked up at his face – he was looking me. I tried to move my hips to rub the belt against me but the creak of wood would draw too much attention my way, my hands tight against my legs meant I wasn’t able to touch my nipples either, there was no way for me to pleasure myself whilst contained in the cabinet, and he knew that. He continued to rub himself under the table and glanced over at me whenever possible, I wanted his cock inside of me, to feel his hands over my skin and to kiss his soft lips. I felt my wetness begin to drip on the bottom of cupboard, I had never felt so frustrated and intensely turned on at the same time. The night continued on as I watched my friends laugh, eat and drink, hours passed by as I sat in the small cupboard, my jaw aching and covered in saliva, my cunt throbbing from the pleasure surrounding me, he kept teasing me by touching his cock under the table – at one point he was able to unzip his trousers and show it to me, stroking it gently with a bead of pre-come at the end.

It was finally time for our guests to leave and the room was silent, I waited for him to return to me. I heard his footsteps getting closer and saw him enter the room once more, he walked to the cupboard and opened the door – he smiled and grabbed his cock stroking it with more force this time, I moved my hips as much as possibly while I watched him, the wood creaking beneath me, trying to get the belt to rub against my clit without success. He stopped and bent down to my level, untying the rope to set my hands free, then leant around and removed the gag, my jaw thankful for the relief. He helped me up as the plug found it’s new position within me, I whimpered as I stood up, my legs readjusting to their normal job. He supported me before slapping his hand hard against my arse, I flinched causing the plug to apply pressure against my muscles, I moaned and fell against the cabinet I had just spent the evening in waiting for the sting to fade.

He reached for the rope and tied my hands behind my back, kneeling down in front of me, I heard the jingle of the keys. He unlocked the 3 padlocks securing the belt together, giving each one a good tug to tease me just that little bit more before he unlocked them. He slowly removed the plug from me, my muscles clenched around it willing it not to leave – just before it was out, he pushed it back into me, making me spasm with pleasure, removing it completely this time he leant back to admire me. My legs already starting to buckle, my nipples were hard and my cunt dripping on the floor. He leant his face towards my clit, lightly dusting his tongue over me I couldn’t help but whimper as he did so when suddenly he buried his face into me, pressing hard and grabbing my arse to get in as much as possible. My knees gave way as I lent against his shoulders, I screamed as the pleasure rolled through me like tidal waves, his hand moved around further until his fingers were inside me, stroking my g spot where the plug had once been. It didn’t take long before I came on his face, it felt like it latest an eternity as my eyes closed to take in every sensation – his tongue continued moving along with his fingers to tease every last ounce of orgasm from my body. He held my waist and guided me to the floor as my legs were temporarily paralysed, laying on top of me, he thrusted his cock deep into me, stroking my hair and kissing my face as he did, I could taste myself on him.

“You’ve been such a good girl tonight, I’ve been waiting to do this for hours” he whispered into my ear. “Your cunt is so wet for me, you feel amazing” he continued to thrust hard into me, his breath quickening. “You’re such a good girl” he repeated.

I could feel he was about to come, I lifted my hips up to get him deeper into me, my legs wrapped around him for support. His thrusts become quicker as his balls slapped against my arse, his hand grabbing at my breast, pinching my nipples and kissing my lips. His tongue swirled in my mouth as he started to moan, he yelled out he was coming and after a final push he came hard into me, I felt his cock pulsate as he did. I could feel our heartbeats joining together through our chests as I continued to move my hips to give him the last drops of pleasure.


If you would like a personalised story, please email Jessica in regards to having your own story line and characters written just for you!

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