10 Tips for The Best Sex at Christmas

Christmas is the time for laughing, loving and happiness. If you have a special someone – or even a special someone for now – I have listed some of my best tips for having great sex at Christmas.


10. OK – lets start off with the basics… Use protection. Whether you’re on the pill, use a condom or another form of contraception, make sure you use it. Christmas is the second most popular time of year for conception (can you guess the first…?) so unless you would like a little version of yourself popping out in 9 months, make sure you take the right precautions to prevent it.

9. Watch your alcohol consumption. Most of the population like a good drink at Christmas, however if you’re planning on having a bit of sexy time later – try not to get too pissed. In most cases it’s better to remember the sex you have and to have your wits about you (see point 10.) Nothing worse than being too drunk to remember you tried anal last night without lube and now your arse is throbbing in pain whilst your trying to have dinner at your Nan’s.

8. Check your teeth. Christmas food is wonderful and when your knee deep in Turkey and gravy you might not think about that bit of broccoli thats embedded in your front teeth. So if you’re looking to hook up with your other half, just pop to the loo quick and have a cheeky grin. The lucky person in your life might not be so kind as to tell you, then when you go to the bathroom later for that inevitable ‘clean up’ you’ll notice it and feel like a twat. Just saying.

7. Put some Fairy Lights up to add the extra special touch this Christmas. It’s romantic, the soft lighting makes everything look 10 x more attractive so if you have any insecurities, fairy lights will be your best friend. They’re super cheap – pick some up from Poundland or Primark for under £5.00 but they’ll be so effective, and much safer than candles. A little goes a long way, and fairy lights are a great example of this.

6. Some of you may try (or already be into) using ropes during your sexual activities. BDSM has become hugely popular lately from the Books and Movies ’50 Shades of Grey..’ Although I would highly recommend to everyone and anyone to try Rope Play there is so much more to be aware of! There’ll be another more in-depth post about this subject, but if you’re looking for one tip – make sure you have a pair of good quality scissors nearby. If something goes wrong and you need to abandon ship quickly you don’t want to be faffing about with the knots, cut them loose immediately.

5. You may find this one a bit controversial – but bear with me – have a cheeky fondle of your other halves privates under the table. Start with a casual hand-on-the-knee, moving up gradually during the conversation. The act of doing something when you know you shouldn’t provides a wonderful sexual sensation which will turn you both on. If you can get over the hurdle of your partner touching your goodies while you talk to their father regarding the weather then the rest will be a breeze. Continue on through the evening to build up the best sexual tension until you both can’t take it anymore and you may end up having sex in the bathroom.

4. Lube will always been your best friend. Lube for oral, Lube for anal, Lube for toys, Lube for sex, Lube, Lube, Lube. There are so many different types you can get  – lubes to delay the orgasm, lubes to warm things up, lubes to tingle, lubes for certain materials and your good-old bog-standard lubes. They can help your sex life tremendously, but watch out as there is such as thing as ‘too wet’ in some instances. Make sure to do you research depending on what your using the lube for, as some do not taste good!

3. Get the games out. Sex doesn’t start in the bedroom, it starts waay before. Christmas is maybe the only time in the year people actually bring out board games, but use this as your excuse to warm up the loins prior to the bedroom. Flirt your way through scrabble, play a round of strip – Charades or a naughty version of pictionary. You’ll then both have it in your mind what the other is thinking and the thoughts will turn very dirty…

2.  Laugh. Try not to worry about the wobble bits, or the hairy bits and the ‘Porn Star’ sound effects. Enjoy the moment, the person you’re being intimate with obviously likes you enough to get this far so don’t get so hung up on the small stuff. Go with the flow of the moment – if you’re enjoying it, then it’s most likely the other person is too!

1. My number one tip for anyone having sex, whether it be at Christmas, or any other time of year, is to follow the swimming rule. DON’T GO IN UNTIL 1 HOUR AFTER FOOD. Although you probably won’t get cramp, if you’ve eaten a large Christmas Dinner and your full of turkey there is nothing worse then to rock the boat by having some vigorous sex. With all that food moving around inside of you, it’s got to go somewhere, and it may not be pretty! This also applies to oral, unless your gag reflex is rock solid, don’t go deep throating that dick until you’ve let your dinner settle!

I hope you’ve enjoyed by Top 10 Tips for Sex this Christmas, feel free to share via the links below!

Love, Jessica’s Rabbit

Merry Christmas, Have fun and Be Safe.


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