4 Cute Christmas Date Ideas

Christmas is a great time to rekindle the flame in your relationship or to find a new one, here are a few of my personal favourite ideas of where to go, and what to do for that Special Date this year.

Christmas Market

A Christmas Market is always a great idea for a date, whether it’s the first, ninth or hundred and ninth date. When you surround yourself with the twinkly lights, snuggled up with a big winter scarf and a glorious cup of mulled wine, the atmosphere creates a romantic effect all by itself. As you find common ground whilst looking through the trinkets on the stalls and listen to the Christmas songs as they chime throughout the streets, you’ll soon be holding hands and laughing together. A Christmas Market will leave you with great conversation both during and after the event – you don’t have the go to a big fancy market in London, nearly every village will host one whether it be big or small, they all have the same effect, a magnificent Christmas nostalgia!

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Ice Skating

Ice Skating has long been a great hobby, especially around the winter months. It provides a fun and exciting event with huge amount of opportunities to grab onto your date (whether it be intentional or not!) Plenty of Pop-Up Skating Rinks appear throughout  October – January all over the country, many being outside, adding to the Christmas atmosphere. Even if you fall over (which I’m sure many of you will if you’re anything like me…) remember to laugh it off and take it in your stride, it’s OK to fall over and bruise your bum!


Winter Walk with a Hot Drink

If you’re low on budget, you don’t need to splash the cash this Christmas to find a cute Christmas Date. Something as simple as putting on your boots, filling a couple of flasks with Hot Chocolate (or something more Alcoholic if preferred..) and taking a walk in the local National Park. Stroll around the woodland, keeping an eye out for wildlife such as robins or deer if you’re lucky! Keep yourselves warm with a cheeky fondle in a secluded part of the woods if you feel so inclined, just be careful not to get any extremities too cold! Many of the National Parks will have a cafe open around midday so if you time it right you can stock up on your hot fluids and a plate of chips.

Jessica Rabbit Sex Blog Christmas Winter Walk

Make a Gingerbread House

Gingerbread is one of the most Christmassy items of food there is, whether you are a fan of the biscuit or not, making a gingerbread house is a fun activity not just for kids! You can pick the kits up from local Supermarkets for under £5.00, so it’s another great date idea if your strapped for cash. If you’re feeling brave, go by your own recipe and stencils! Put on your best music playlist, and get the oven pre-heated for this Christmas Date Idea that’ll leave you feeling proud you’ve accomplished something as a couple. Give each other flour hand prints, icing sugar moustaches and just have fun with each other, because what is life if you can’t laugh?


I hope you’ve enjoyed my Christmas Date Ideas and you have some inspiration for your next date! Comment below your ideas.

Merry Christmas and have a very Happy New Year,

Love Jessica’s Rabbit

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