The Satisfyer Pro 2 – Sex Toy Review

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is one of those products when as soon as you see it, you’re intrigued and you want one. Maybe it’s the sleek design, the elegant colour or perhaps the fact it concentrates around the clit for amazing orgasms with pulsating air. Either way its certainly… satisfyed …me.

First Impressions:

The colour is definitely ‘On-Trend’ and with Metallic Rose Gold being my favourite colour at the moment, with any accessory I have being all match-matchy, this vibrator certainly isn’t an exception. It has a great sheen to the coating, but its not shiny so isn’t prone to scratching especially if it’ll be rattling around your bedside draw! The case is made from plastic, with the nub(?) being a soft silicone creating the toy to be very lightweight. Remember to use only with water-based lubes due to the silicone OK! The shape of the vibrator is perfect for holding comfortably in your hand .. although you wouldn’t really hold it like that once in use, the end is bulbous and because of the plastic doesn’t have much grip. This doesn’t effect the usage much but if you have lube-y hands it may slip and slide a little. Alternatively hold it with your thighs and let your hands go rogue! If anything I would have liked the seams of the vibrator to be less visible, I feel like this results in the finishing to look cheaper then what is perhaps is.

The nub – I’m not sure what else to call this part, but its basically the bit that goes around your clit and makes you squirm with delight – being made from silicone is flexible and soft. The size was perfect to sit snuggly and let it do it’s magic. Because the ‘nub’ is also quite thick it sits on the skin around the clit, adding in even more sensations. The nub is also removable for easy cleaning – woop!

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is completely waterproof – use it in the shower, the bath .. rivers wherever the mood takes you. This makes for excellent cleaning qualities, use Toy Cleaner for hygienic results every time.

The packaging is lovely, standard cardboard box with their branding, a plastic insert holding the vibrator, charger and instruction booklet.

The Charger:

The charger is white, and has a USB at one end (no plug) and the attachment on the other. The Satisfyer Pro 2 has an odd charger, it’s magnetised two little dots meaning the connector doesn’t go in, but instead sits on the surface. Because of where the charging port is – on the bottom end aka a rounded surface – it has a tendency to get knocked off easily. The magnetics are strong and will stay attached if you were to hold it up however if it’s on the counter blissfully charging away for your next rendezvous and you accidentally put the cook book on the charging cable, it may well pop off.

The USB charger is great, it helps with the clog of plugs that I’m certain everyone has in their home somewhere .. a mountain of plugs, leads and adaptors laying helplessly around an extension lead .. just mine? OK then… Its also great for travelling and if you do need a plug adaption, you don’t need to have a bulky plug – in -plug situation going on in your luggage.  It takes around 2-3 hours to fully charge.

My Experience:

OK – lets get to the part that you actually wanted to hear about, my experience actually using The Satisfyer Pro 2. Did it make me orgasm? Yes. Did I use it several times? Oh yes! Is this now one of my go-to toys? You better bloody believe it is!

This glorious toy doesn’t vibrate but pulsates air creating an experience close enough to oral without any clitoral contact. It sucks ever so gently on your clit and with each pull, the nerve endings tingle and you get a sensation very different from anything  you have experienced.

But hold on a minute there! I do have some tweaks and comments to make regarding this  vibrator. For starter, The Satisfyer Pro 2 boasts 11 settings of pulsing air to make you squeal with delight, however I failed to feel them all. After the 5th setting it all blurred into one strong pulsating vibration, too strong to my delicate region that’s for sure. I feel they should have stuck to a good 5/6 settings and left it at that. There is no need for an 11th setting of vibration strong enough that you jerk the toy away so quick you fear it may leave a friction burn. The first setting is very weak, but perhaps good as a soft foreplay to warm yourself – or partner – up. The second and third setting were my personal favourite and seem to always do the trick.

One major issue for me with this sex toy is that you can’t change the setting down too easily. Say you’ve gone up a level and it’s hitting all the right bits but then you accidentally go past the 5th setting and now it’s way to strong for you, you’d need to go all the way up to the 11th level .. then back down again for level 5. Then to count each click of the button to remember what bloody level you wanted in the first place and by then you’ve lost your mojo a little bit faffing around. Ain’t nobody got time for dat. I much prefer the standard + and – buttons so you know where you stand. Or lay, or however you prefer to have a wank. Now saying this, yes you do need to press the button in to change the setting, but it’s not a hard button and if you’re trembling away in the height of pleasure I’m sure your fingers may twitch unintentionally at some stage.

Overall, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is an amazing toy, I love the fact it concentrates around your clit and the silicone edges create a lovely little bubble encapsulating the pleasure to the area you need most. The pulsating air is a welcome change to vibrators and rabbits and really does give an intense orgasm – every time. I do have some issues with the pulsing vibrations and how to settings work but as long as I keep my fingers away then it’s wonderful and would fully recommend the Satisfyer Pro 2 to anyone, everyone, all the time.


Thanks for reading my review, I hope it was helpful for you and you enjoy your new Satisfyer journey.

Click to buy The Satisfyer Pro 2 from Bondara for only £59.99


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Please note: I bought this product for my own pleasure – this is not a sponsored item. I am not a health professional, all opinions are my own and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Everyone is different and therefore cannot be held responsible if you have a different experience with a sex toy.

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