The Vortex Hotel, Male Chastity – Erotic Story

The old building stood strong along the street, the dull orange glow of the street lights illuminating it’s cracks and grooves. It towered above the rest, owning the ground it was built on as the sky rumbled around it. A tall woman walked up the concrete steps, stopping at the large oak wood door, she hesitated briefly before reaching out her manicured hands, gripping tightly onto the brass handle. With a solid twist of her wrist, the oak wood moved inward allowing her to see the beauty of The Vortex Hotel.

She stood in the reception room, her neck arched back embracing the view of this grand building. A chandelier hung from the ceiling capturing each fragment of light perfectly. She could have stayed for hours watching the light dance around the room in this hypnotised state, it was not until the concierge gave a polite ‘ahem’ that she remembered her reason for entering this building. She gave her name – albeit a pseudonym – to the helpful fella behind the desk, her room key for the night was handed over and they wished each other a Good Night. After following the instructions, she arrived at her room, and saw gold numbers screwed into the wood ‘219’ a smile flickered on her lips as she slipped the card into the lock and the light turned green. The room boasted a large victorian window with a view of the gardens, she would enjoy this in the morning sun – sheer curtains hung from a brass rail, with heavier, patterned curtains tied to either side with a classic gold tassel hanging elegantly. The Queen sized bed was dressed beautifully and included many scatter cushions – which she would be tossing onto the floor later tonight. On the dresser was a Welcome Basket, her smile appeared again as she saw the bottle of champagne, fruit and chocolate selection. She put her leather holdall on the end of the bed and undressed herself completely before putting on the complimentary robe.

The women poured herself a glass of bubbly and sat in front of the dressing table, looking into the mirror she saw the women staring back. Her hair was blonde, dyed of course with the roots poking through. If it weren’t for the amount of back combing and dab hand at styling it would be in danger of looking out grown but the sleek soft curls distract from any grey-brown mixture showing in the roots. Her eyes were heavy in their sockets, lined with black makeup to enhance the sharpness of her blue iris. Her lashes were long, thick and fake, just like much of her face and body. Although her brow was taught, her cheeks plump and her neck stretched – it was clear this was a woman with age behind her, edging toward 50 however her makeup skills were good enough to give a youthful glow across her lasered skin. She took a sip of champagne, leaving a soft pink lipstick mark around the rim before applying a ruby red to her injection filled lips. The women stood up and dropped the robe to the floor, her pert bosom stood to attention as she sauntered across the room toward her brown leather bag. She bent over slightly as the zip peeled back to reveal her outfit for the night.

She peels the cold latex over her tanned skin, it sticks instantly as if it was moulding to become a part of her. Her breasts squeeze through the tight clothing as she pulls it down over her toned abs. She reaches for her silicone love eggs and applies a small drop of water based lube onto them, massaging them gently to make sure they’re covered in the gel before slowly pressing them into her Hollywood waxed cunt. She sighs gently as she feels the balls rest inside of her, her muscles tighten around them whilst she continues getting dressed. The latex trousers sculpt her frame to appear even more pert and toned then she naturally is – she finishes the outfit with a satin harness around her torso. Taking another sip of her champagne – she waits.

Not 10 minutes passed before there was a knock at the door. She can feel the butterflies awakening inside her stomach as she walks toward to hotel door in her 6 inch heels, the love eggs moving with her and rolling against her walls – she adjusts her hair with a quick flick and takes in a deep breath before opening. There stood a man, in a dark grey suit and tie looking nervous. He was shorter than her by at least a foot, his receding brown hairline showed the sweat collecting on his forehead, his eyes widened as he took in the sight before him. He was new. Not only for her – but to the whole fantasy and should could tell. He fumbled with the hem of his jacket, cleared his throat and whispered a timid “Hello”

She was accommodating for him, inviting him inside the hotel room and pouring a glass of bubbly. A few minutes passed as they exchanged pleasantries, this wouldn’t be the usual way she starts off the night but she makes exceptions for those that are obviously nervous. She doesn’t want to scare them off after all.

It was time. With a loud crack she strikes him across the arse with a paddle. He grimaces but she watches his face closely for the reaction.

“You little pussy” she snarled.

He looked at her, dead in the eyes, for a brief moment she thought he would flee but surprisingly he nodded and she knew she could continue.

“Take your clothes off” She ordered. “Now” she continued as he hesitated.

He undressed quickly, throwing the clothes to the corner of the room. He stood in front of her, stark naked. He was unkept with rogue hair protruding all over his body. His pubes engulfed his pathetic excuse for a cock – she shook her head in dismay.

ruffled sheets, chastity cage, male chastity

“Oh dear – this won’t do, will it” She went to her bag once again and he continued to stand there, starting to play with his fingers nervously. She turned around as she held a hair trimmer in one hand. She bent down on her knees – the balls following her. She could already feel the wetness between her legs and she turned on the trimmers. A low buzz echoed around the room, his cock starting to twitch with excitement. The pubes fell softly to the ground as she shaved, inches away from his now erect cock, it didn’t take long until she was finished, leaning back with appreciation of her work.

“Now we have you all cleaned up – let’s begin.” He nodded in response with a smile across his face.

Bending back to reach for her bag, she moved it to her side and rummaged around for her next weapon of choice. She pulled out a metal cage and placed it around his cock, she had to squeeze it in due to his eagerness – finishing with a padlock, the key stayed in between her breasts. He was still standing in the same spot, looking down at his now restricted cock, trying not to get it any harder but with increasing difficulty. She walked behind, touching his shoulders, his back and resting her hand on his arse before giving it a hard slap. It turned pink almost instantly as he let out a whimper. She slapped it again, harder. He tried to keep his balance but she slapped again and his knee gave way. He fell a step forward causing her to move in front of him and placing a hand around his neck.Â

“You’re going to have to learn to keep still, you little Bitch” The balls moved inside of her, she consciously clenched around them feeling to rush of pleasure.

She reached for the paddle again and ordered him toward to dressing chair, he held onto the arms as she kicked his feet apart. The metal chastity cage constricting his throbbing cock, pre-cum dribbled down onto the fabric of the chair as he felt the pleasure of the pain. She lubed up her finger before tracing it around his arsehole. She could hear him moan with pleasure as she slowly inserted her middle finger, stretching him as pushed in and out. When she felt he was ready she inserted the prostate plug it was bigger than her fingers so she was gentle enough not to cause any harm. He moaned and sighed as she did so.

“You like that? You like me inside your tight virgin arsehole?”

“Yes … Mistress… ” the words barely escaped his lips in between moans of pleasure.

Another spank of the paddle turned his arse ruby red, he could feel the plug move against him making his dick harder than he had ever felt before, pushing against the bars of the cage. She turned him around – his legs quivered as she ran her tongue along the chastity cage. He could feel her in between the metal, looking down at his Mistress her boobs boasting the perfect cleavage in the latex suit. She licked up his pre-cum feeling him pulsating in his little cock cage. She felt so powerful at this moment – she had a man whimpering around her, patiently waiting on her every word. She had been in this moment several times before, making men feel like the sissy wimps they long to be, being dominated by a strong, beautiful women who has the confidence to spank hard enough for them to feel it in the way they need. It has taken a long time for her to gain the experience she needs – but she revels in every moment, taking pride in her work.

To be Continued.


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 With Thanks to @RuffledSheets for the images.

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