The Satisfyer Pro Traveller – Review

The Satisfyer Pro Traveller

Satisfyer have revolutionised the standard sex toy. They have instead created a toy that doesn’t vibrate – but instead pulsates. This action, designed to stimulate just the clitoris, has an effect so intense it can make you orgasm in record time. Although the Traveller may be small in size, this in no way means it is any less as powerful. With the mauve and rose gold finish, someone looking at this for the first time may think it’s a watch / jewellery case so even if you accidentally leave it on your bedside table anyone coming in, isn’t likely to be suspicious.

satisfier pro traveller sex toy review by jessicas rabbit

First Impressions: Fitting in the palm of your hand, the Satisfyer Pro Traveller is the perfect companion for your handbag, side of the bed or wherever else you may wish to keep it. It’s slender and elegant design is clever at disguising itself, so if you were to take it on your holidays anyone who may see it would be none the wiser that it’s actually an orgasm-inducing-machine. The lid clicks nicely into place with magnets so when its rolling around in your bag it isn’t likely to pop off and expose the truth.

I’m also glad that so many companies are moving over to using silicone rather than the jelly / TPR and phthalates that can cause harm to your body. Silicone is body safe and feels silky against the skin, I’m not sure why everyone isn’t using it yet. (OK it can make the product more expensive, but hey I’d rather pay a little extra to be safe than to have dangerous substances rubbing around my delicates) With silicone, use only water-based lubes for safe and slippery play!

The Traveller is whisper quiet! Another huge PRO in my books – once it’s sucked around your clit pulsing away, the only noises anyone will hear are the moans of your orgasm finding its way around your body. And to top it off – it’s completely waterproof! Use it in the shower, the bath, the pool or lake – wherever your desire may take you on your travels. Remember to clean your toys before and after every use to keep them sanitary and safe.

Satisfyer Trav

Satisfyer Trav 4

Controls: The Satisfyer Pro Traveller has an easy to use system. Press and hold the + button for a few seconds to turn on/off, then use the – and + buttons to control the intensity of the pulsing. Simple! The only thing I can say about the design of this nifty little thing would be that once the toy is in action, it’s a little tricky to reach the buttons. I use it so that the buttons are resting on my pubic bone so you need to move it a bit and guess which button is which to change the settings. Not a huge issue but if the buttons were on the top it would make it easier – but then it wouldn’t look as aesthetically pleasing and disturb the camouflage of the product so I’m glad they went with the buttons on the inside. Yes, I do realise I’m contradicting myself here.. but I would choose looks over function on this point.

The Traveller has the same magnetic contact charger as all the others within the satisfier family and doesn’t come with a plug, but instead a USB. Again great for travelling if you need an adapter – you won’t have a gazillion plugs clogging up your bag.

Satisfyer Pro Traveller sex toy review by Jessicas Rabbit

My Experience: The Satisfier Pro Traveller is now one of my go-to toys. It delivers an orgasm with a drop of a hat and although it has 11 settings, I rarely need to go further than the 3rd until I’m quivering away. It really is perfect for travelling with its light, compact and waterproof design along holding its charge for a long time – meaning you probably wouldn’t have to charge it up if your away for a week (well depending on how often you’re planning on using it .. If you’re pressing this pulsating dream onto your clit at every moment you can then remember to pack the charger..)

Compared to other Satisfyer products, there isn’t as much cushioning around the opening of the Traveller, I would have liked it to be thicker to enhance the stimulation around my clit like The Satisfyer Pro 2. But for a travel companion, it still gives me an orgasm so that’s all that really matters, right?

It boasts 11 functions – but after the 5th it does all merge into one. I would rather have 4 amazing settings where I can feel the differences in order to tease my body with slow and fast pulsing, than to have 5 good ones and 6 that all still feel the same. Hey, why not throw in some patterns too? As Monica from Friends demonstrates mixing it up keeps it interesting ‘1,2 .. 1,2,3 .. 3,4 .. 2,4,6 .. 4,7 .. 5,7 .. 6,7 .. 7 .. 7 .. 7 …..’ (No idea what I’m on about? Watch the clip here) 

If anything, I could argue that it gives me an orgasm too quickly sometimes. Is that such a thing? I hear you ask, why yes – it is. Imagine you’re home along, everyones gone out for the afternoon and you’re relaxing, thinking what you could do to pass the time.. you decide to have a little ‘me-time’ and pull out your favourite Satisfyer toy, you warm up with a little water-based lube and place the toy on your sensitive area, the pulsations on setting 1 tease you as it pulls at your clit you move up to to the second setting where it gets stronger and your nerve endings are in overdrive already at the new sensation. Only a few minutes have passed before you’re exploring the third setting and those familiar feelings rush around you. Before you know it, you’re on the edge of climaxing and can’t bear to move the jackpot-toy from your clit before – Too late, your done. It’s been less than 3 minutes and your fantasy of an afternoon delight is over as you lay there relishing the brief orgasm thinking ‘Did that really happen? How can I have cummed already?’ That’s the power of this little toy. Of course, once you know how to control the power it gets easier to tease yourself into a longer session.

satisfier pro traveller sex toy review by jessicas rabbit

Overall, there is very little to fault with this toy – yes there are tweaks that I would like to see but in all honesty, Satisfyer are doing an amazing job and their toys keep getting better with every new release. I’m looking forward to the new designs and concepts they come up with the in the future. Everyone should have at least one of their toys in the naughty draw!

Click here to buy your very own Satisfyer Pro Traveller for just £44.95 Trust me – it’ll be worth the money.

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Please note: I was given the Satisfyer Pro Traveller to give an unbiased honest review. All opinions are my own and was in no way persuaded to my verdict by the company. I am not a health professional, all opinions are my own and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Everyone is different and therefore cannot be held responsible if you have a different experience with a sex toy.

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