10 Tips for The Best Sex at Christmas

Christmas is the time for laughing, loving and happiness. If you have a special someone - or even a special someone for now - I have listed some of my best tips for having great sex at Christmas. 10. OK - lets start off with the basics... Use protection. Whether you're on the pill, use a … Continue reading 10 Tips for The Best Sex at Christmas

Sperm Keyrings

Sperm Keyringshttp://www.spermkeyrings.com/When these sperm keyrings showed up in the post, I was thrilled! Not only are these actually quite adorable (..for sperm!) but they come in a range of colours including glow-in-the-dark and an ingenious one which changes colour depending on the temperature! Of course, the whole purpose of these keyrings is to raise awareness of sexual health and to … Continue reading Sperm Keyrings