The Satisfyer Pro 2 – Sex Toy Review

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is one of those products when as soon as you see it, you're intrigued and you want one. Maybe it's the sleek design, the elegant colour or perhaps the fact it concentrates around the clit for amazing orgasms with pulsating air. Either way its certainly... satisfyed First Impressions: The colour is … Continue reading The Satisfyer Pro 2 – Sex Toy Review

The Chastity Belt.

I lay there, stark naked on the bed as he zips up his trousers, the black material hangs next to his skin, still slightly moist from a mixture of our sweat, I love it when he doesn't shower after being with me, to know he'll be walking around with part of me still on him, … Continue reading The Chastity Belt.

Room 101 NSFW Story Part 1 [#60 of 100 Days of Sex]

She strolled over to the bed side table, dropping one hip as she stood over him, her hand moved towards her rose coloured lips and she took a deep inhale of the burning cigarette. The menthol hit the back of her throat with a delicious harshness, pursing her lips she let the smoke escape from … Continue reading Room 101 NSFW Story Part 1 [#60 of 100 Days of Sex]

NSFW Story time 25-3

Story time  He came home after a stressful day at work, walking straight up to me, gripping my neck with his muscly hands almost too tight. He planted a forceful kiss on my willing lips as his other hand wandered over my dress, finding the parts he needed to discover. He lifted my dress over … Continue reading NSFW Story time 25-3