The Satisfyer Pro 2 – Sex Toy Review

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is one of those products when as soon as you see it, you're intrigued and you want one. Maybe it's the sleek design, the elegant colour or perhaps the fact it concentrates around the clit for amazing orgasms with pulsating air. Either way its certainly... satisfyed First Impressions: The colour is … Continue reading The Satisfyer Pro 2 – Sex Toy Review

Top 4 Cute Christmas Date Ideas

Christmas is a great time to rekindle the flame in your relationship or to find a new one, here are a few of my personal favourite ideas of where to go, and what to do for that Special Date this year. Christmas Market A Christmas Market is always a great idea for a date, whether … Continue reading Top 4 Cute Christmas Date Ideas

10 Tips for The Best Sex at Christmas

Christmas is the time for laughing, loving and happiness. If you have a special someone - or even a special someone for now - I have listed some of my best tips for having great sex at Christmas. 10. OK - lets start off with the basics... Use protection. Whether you're on the pill, use a … Continue reading 10 Tips for The Best Sex at Christmas

The Chastity Belt.

I lay there, stark naked on the bed as he zips up his trousers, the black material hangs next to his skin, still slightly moist from a mixture of our sweat, I love it when he doesn't shower after being with me, to know he'll be walking around with part of me still on him, … Continue reading The Chastity Belt.

Sexual Snippet [#62 of 100 Days of Sex]

I lay on the bed, face down in the pillow and my legs spread wide. I could feel his presence in the room as I anticipated the next movements of the night. The strength of his hand gripped my ankle as I felt the rope twirl around me. He knotted the rope with expertise as … Continue reading Sexual Snippet [#62 of 100 Days of Sex]

Sex Ed 101

It disgusts me how I went into 3 different library’s looking for books on Sex Ed and found nothing. All there was were books on pregnancy, and biology books with half a chapter on the scientific aspect of puberty. I even asked the workers and they had nothing - its disgraceful how children, and even adults … Continue reading Sex Ed 101