The Vortex Hotel, Male Chastity – Erotic Story

The old building stood strong along the street, the dull orange glow of the street lights illuminating it's cracks and grooves. It towered above the rest, owning the ground it was built on as the sky rumbled around it. A tall woman walked up the concrete steps, stopping at the large oak wood door, she … Continue reading The Vortex Hotel, Male Chastity – Erotic Story

NSFW Denied Orgasm

Denied OrgasmsI have had the lovely pleasure of being in contact lately with a Dom. The other night we were talking about our fantasies and one of his was denying orgasms, to which I replied if he would mind doing it to me - via text. This is the outcome from my end; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The anticipation of … Continue reading NSFW Denied Orgasm