Burlesque Show [#63 of 100 Days of Sex]

The lights were dim and a lonesome spot light shone on the stage. The crowd had poured in and were waiting in their booths, the regulars sitting in the same seats as the previous week, cigarettes and spirits waiting on the table. The room had blood red decor with textured wallpaper and a dark wooden … Continue reading Burlesque Show [#63 of 100 Days of Sex]

Handheld Massager and Oil

My review of Lovehoney's Hand Massager and OilsVanilla Flavour Edible Massage Oil 30mlI have bought this oil for a while now and use with the Handheld Body Massager, as well as just hands.The smell is delightful - so relaxing - and it has now become that whenever I smell vanilla I get reminded about our … Continue reading Handheld Massager and Oil