Top 4 Cute Christmas Date Ideas

Christmas is a great time to rekindle the flame in your relationship or to find a new one, here are a few of my personal favourite ideas of where to go, and what to do for that Special Date this year. Christmas Market A Christmas Market is always a great idea for a date, whether … Continue reading Top 4 Cute Christmas Date Ideas

The Chastity Belt.

I lay there, stark naked on the bed as he zips up his trousers, the black material hangs next to his skin, still slightly moist from a mixture of our sweat, I love it when he doesn't shower after being with me, to know he'll be walking around with part of me still on him, … Continue reading The Chastity Belt.

USA 7″ COCK Pleasure Panel Review [#53 of 100 Days of Sex]

I was asked to do a sex toy review the USA Cock as part of Cara Sutras Pleasure Panel and was very excited for it's arrival. It boasted a 'real-feel' effect which is something I always like to look for in a dildo. Read the whole review here over at Cara Sutra's website via her … Continue reading USA 7″ COCK Pleasure Panel Review [#53 of 100 Days of Sex]

Vanilla Pod Review [#52 of 100 Days of Sex]

Vanilla Pod kindly sent me one of their cushions for a sex toy review - I was extremely excited to receive this product as I haven't seen one like it before! For those of you who haven't heard of them, this product is a specifically designed pillow which has a secrect compartment hidden inside which … Continue reading Vanilla Pod Review [#52 of 100 Days of Sex]

NSFW Denied Orgasm

Denied OrgasmsI have had the lovely pleasure of being in contact lately with a Dom. The other night we were talking about our fantasies and one of his was denying orgasms, to which I replied if he would mind doing it to me - via text. This is the outcome from my end; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The anticipation of … Continue reading NSFW Denied Orgasm

Handheld Massager and Oil

My review of Lovehoney's Hand Massager and OilsVanilla Flavour Edible Massage Oil 30mlI have bought this oil for a while now and use with the Handheld Body Massager, as well as just hands.The smell is delightful - so relaxing - and it has now become that whenever I smell vanilla I get reminded about our … Continue reading Handheld Massager and Oil