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This one time .. at band camp ..

“I blindfolded my girl as we were both extremely horny and are into kinky shit. While she was blindfolded I laid her down, I took all her clothes off, teased her running my hands up and down and then lightly letting my lips touch her body while moving all over. She was so wet that before I even touched her she was dripping from how wet she was. I have never experienced that before and it was the hottest fucking thing ever, I want it to happen again.”


“The first time I started masturbating or even realising what it was, was to a vets programme at Christmas. They started rubbing the little hedgehogs bits and bobs to ‘help them pee’ as thats what the Mum would normally do .. so curious 10 year old me wondered if that really worked. It did, I felt the ‘need to pee’ and stopped .. oh how little did I know then that if I continued it would end in a glorious orgasm, found that out a few years later!”


“I was at this party once, and chatting with this guy, and it casually came up about my nipple piercing, the next line was ‘Can I see it’ of course I said yes and we went outside, pulled out my boob which immediately led to a make out sessions. I dropped to me knees and gave him head! Swallowed like a good girl and returned to the party”


“I was at a house party and this guy just suddenly grabbed me and started making out, it was OK – I knew him and he whispered how he’s fancied me for ages. We went outside to his car to continue when I could hear my friend outside the car – she called me, whilst we were having sex and she heard the phone ringing from inside the car!! She knocked on the window and shouted ‘Our rides here, lets go!’ I kissed him goodbye and left, my knickers were still in the car!”



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